Wet Weather Wednesday

Hello there! I just came back from Cabra + DFO Homebush. I started off my morning by having brunch at Cabramatta while my mum had to go see someone and decided to drop me off at Cabra to eat by myself. Very sad LOL. So i sat at Bau Truong by myself like a lost kid eating Brunch.

Dry Egg Noodles with Crispy Chicken at Bau Truong
I'm no expert in Vietnamese nor am i Viet but i know that it's called 'Mi Kho Ga Chien Dong'

After finishing brunch met up with my mum and drove to DFO. The first thing i did was head to the Oroton Outlet since i received an email saying they're having a sale. Being disappointed, i couldn't find a decent Oroton Bra in my size so my mum ended up grabbing a nice one for herself and I grabbed myself an Oroton Umbrella which i definitely need for ages!

My mum has one in a chocolate colour and it's REALLY good quality and pretty too - so i got one for myself (since i'm always stealing the familys crappy umbrellas and they have the tendency to break often - so now i have one for myself) Also, the sale consisted of oroton clutches and handbags. I'm not a fan of what they had there on the bags but i was only there to get my umbrella i've been lusting for, for ages.

This baby was $22 (was $55) on sale at the Oroton Outlet
and also online (+$9.95 shipping)
but i was lucky to grab the last one in this Light Pinky Cherry Blossom colour.
I had no trouble using it after i left the store after considering NOT to open it yet but it was pouring - so i had to or else get sick walking to the car.

It's EXCELLENT QUALITY and you push the button to open & close the umbrella. Nifty aye?

Walking around and browsing, i went into a Homeware store just to check out all the cute baking utensils they had.
PRETTY CUPCAKE CUPS. But so expensive.
You can never go wrong with Jasmine Milk Tea with Pearls from Easy Way
They just opened an Easy Way Store in DFO :D

Next stop was CK Underwear, i wasn't really planning to go in but seeing how nice their undies are and it was on sale. I had to take a peek. Considering it might be super expensive being all branded and all.

Grabbed myself some much needed essentials.

Calvin Klein Undergarments
Bra (RRP. $79.95) + Matching Undies (RRP. $29.95) both for $40.

I spent probably nearly half an hour in the store as a lady wanted to fit me in the 'right' bra.
She was very nice and honest - so i really loved the service at Homebush CK Underwear. She even recommended me to go try another store in DFO for more bras. Talk about support LOL.

After spending, 3 hours at DFO and finally coming home - i saw in my letter box a package, wondering if it was my Cherry Culture package - unfortunately it wasn't ... but it was my OPI's! Which i purchased 2 days ago.

Delce De Leche (2 Coats) & My Index Finger is Barefoot in Barcelona (but it's not noticeable)

With my Nubar Polish on top. (I cleaned it after that application since it didn't suit)

It's Cold and I feel sleepy. This weather is perfect to snuggle up and watch a movie. But i think i'm just going to start painting my nails and all an probably clean out my perfectly messed up closet. I'm a huge clean freak when it comes to my room.

Til Later!

Love, J.


  1. Holy frick $22 for an Oroton umbrella

  2. It was on sale from $55, it's really worth it!!!! It's excellent quality and my mum has had it for a year. :D


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