Happy Anniversary!

So today is Lorenzo & I's 3rd Month anniversary teehee! We're not really bothered people and all but we thought we'd go out to eat and just hang out since i've been bored at home and unemployed for the past week. (I hate being a casual now)

So to kick start the day i had to go to Bonny Plaza to withdraw money for Stereosonic (we're all catching a bus) and post of stuff off for my mum and had time to kill - so i was browsing around in BigW and wanting to buy all these chocolates but we all know it will lead to being fat and full of diabetes, yet i ended up buying a few chocolates before Lorenzo would pick me up and take me to Star Buffet. So i bought these...

Cadbury Furry Friends Chocolate Blocks.
They're thin and just milk chocolate.

Tell me you had these in primary school. I so did.

Afterwards, Lorenzo picked me up and we headed off to Star Buffet.
THEY HAVE TAKOYAKI!!! But the sushi train had very little variety LOL (probably cause it was lunch)

Appalling Green Tea Cheesecake. Tasted like watermelon. But it looked nice, DON'T YOU RECKON?! Too bad it wasn't nice tasting.

So overall, Star Buffet at Marconi - hearing from my friends and everyone - it is waaaaaaaaaay better than Mounties - It's cheaper, food is much more appealing? Food seems to be hotter (LOL) as in, they're much more like... hotter than the food at Mounties, food at Mounties seems to be cold/warm (don't know how to put that - but that was a difference i experienced, let alone it sounds weird) and they have UNLIMITED slushee (mainly Frozen Coke) cause it was the only one that was working and we were basically the youngest patrons in that buffet since it was filled with Old People (no intention to be rude) but yeah. I liked the food but i was a bit disappointed not seeing seafood (not that i eat seafood anyways - why am i complaining?) But yeah LOL. DID I MENTION THEY HAD SALT & PEPPER SQUID. It was mediocre. Maybe it's because i went during lunch time and dinner would have seafood (i would greatly assume so)

After that, we headed back to Lorenzo's and played Donkey Kong (Some new one on Wii) we we're contemplating on whether we should go buy Wii Motion Plus for his Zelda Skyward Sword Game which he pre-ordered online - it has not arrived yet. It is definitely the latest Zelda Craze.


Just putting out my wishlist out. There's a few things that i want yet i don't wanna blow all my money i've earn on things that i want but not need but i guess a few can .. really turn out to be aneed .. hehehe.

Lancome Virtuose Mascara in Noir (Black) - $40?

After trying this with my friends Mascara i fell in love with it and definitely wanted it but it was a bit over my price range for a mascara so i'll just wait til someone gets it for me as a present LOL.

Chanel Eyeliner in Espresso / Black - $45

My mum uses the Espresso one and i love it! It stays on reeeeeally well and i use eyeliner a lot - so it's a bonus.

Essie Nail Polishes - $9 (with delivery from eBay)

That's all i can think of and probably want right now. Stereo is in 2 days! Woop woop!!! I'm really not liking how everyones selling their tickets due to the weather! (You really go for the music despite of the weather!! - But that's my opinion) I felt like i just blogged a lot of bullshit and wished i took more photos at the buffet - but ya'll all know what buffet food is like so no point of me taking them.

Love, J.

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