Stereosonic Fever!

Therefore, I am soooooo pumped for Stereosonic tomorrow - it's actually in 13 hours from now. YES! The moment i've been anticipating for since last year. All night i've been watching clips on youtube just getting me pumped for stereo and i can feel it! Oh and following up with my daily routine of watching Community and all my other subscriptions on my youtube channel which mainly consist of cooking videos. (Hey, i love food)

Mainly most of my favourite DJ's will be at ANZ Stadium, as for the rest - i'm bound to roam around with the boys and all but we'll see what happens tomorrow.

Today was nothing but just a day where Lorenzo & I just chilled out and played Donkey Kong Country Returns - it's a pretty hectic Wii game and it's pretty cute too :D There's like a big donkey kong and a little monkey that sits behind of Donkey Kong.

Skip to 27 seconds.

I really recommend it.

Anywho, i went to buy some snacks and all for Stereo. Headed to Stockies and bought a baguette and some turkey slices to make sandwiches for Lorenzo & I. (Yes, i am making him a sandwich - bring on the kitchen jokes etc.) I know we'll all be (and probably) eating before we head into Sydney Showgrounds cause food there is expensive and they won't let us bring food from outside. (Pretty gay) So with $14 left in my bank account - let's cross our fingers and hope there is decent and AFFORDABLE food.

The mash up for Levels is awesome. I SERIOUSLY CAN'T WAIT FOR LEVELS TOMORROW.
Let me just say i may probably be the biggest Avicii fan out.
Says my boyfriend.
Trust me i have listened to this song at least 400 times on itunes and i have not gotten sick of it.

I remember i told someone before that Tim Berg was Avicii they were mind blowned.
OKAY anyways...

I have nothing much more to say but be hella excited for Stereo, i'm really confused on whethere i should bring a poncho or not. Right now i can't be bothered and really the weather is clearing up and it will be 27 degrees so, fingers crossed!!! Til later and hopefully i'll take photos.

Love, J.

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