Lazy Tuesday and Rainy Weather

Hi there! So, nothing better than to stay at home be bored and finish a whole season of Community and start on Season 2 where the cliffhanger from Season 1 was just as great as the story continuing on Season 2. I hope i just made sense cause sometimes i think i say things that just sound cool in my head. (Please don't laugh at me LOL) anywho, i forgot to upload this photo onto Twitter but i found it anyway.
Tell me there's some logic behind it. LOL

This was when Lorenzo & I went grocery shopping and i just had to take a pic of it. Get it? Strip Cheese? It's like Strip Tease but it isn't!!! HAHAHAHAHA (okay no, lame) But i found it a bit LOL please don't judge me.

What came in the mail today was this!
Me To You Keyring!
I wanted something coupley (let me remind you that i will never do coupled shirts, clothes whatever else)

FINALLY AFTER NEARLY A MONTH. Never again am i ever ordering anything from the United Kingdom. One of Lorenzo, and one for me. HEHEHEHE But honestly, that's probably the only coupley thing i would do. (Hands Down) I was going to get a heart but we both didn't want to be gay (no offence couples who like love hearts and all)

Anywho, i was spending most of my morning finishing off Community and i LOVE that show. It's hilarious and has Ken Jeong (The Asian guy from The Hangover as a Spanish Teacher) and probably more familiar faces. You can youtube their videos but i stream all of my episodes since i have 500gbs of bandwidth which i never reach probably even half way.

Before i headed out to eat at Cooks Hill i wanted to see how my new raybans looked on me, and excuse me if i look like a f-wit wearing Sunnies inside in my room and taking a photo. LOL

Anyways, Lorenzo picked me up along with Terry and John and... Congrats Terry on getting your green P's and Happy Birthday to you too!!!!! Here we're just satisfying our $10 cravings.

Just Lorenzo's and I's Medium Well Steak with Mushroom Sauce :)

After finishing our steaks, we talked about the line up for Stereosonic this Saturday. So pumped!!! John said that he wants to see Dash Berlin. Um, yeah... we're all planning to stay at ANZ Stadium... LOL anyways... tell me this isn't discrimative towards those (me too) who live in Western Sydney.

Sorry, Western Sydney isn't pretty enough to be chosen to be on a Calendar.

Til Later!

Love, J.


  1. Aww I love cheese!!!!!!!!!!
    I've been craving Cooks Hill all day :(((
    The couple keychain is so cute! I'm trying to look for a cute one.. I'm so picky! I wouldn't mind doing couple shirts :p How gay would I look :D

  2. YES!! I LOVE CHEESE TOO! I love Bega Stringers not sure how those would taste :S

    I love the keychain :D hehehe it's definitely cute! I'm not a fan of the whole shirts & all tho. :P I wouldn't be able to pull it off :F


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