Shopping with a restriction?

So i got my paycheck from my marketing job on Friday night. I hate how they're not so efficient on paying me - but nevertheless i got paid!!! So after earning quite a decent amount since i've started. I came to realise that i've been splurging WAAAAAAAAY too much where i really need to start saving or forever be poor... So, i kinda started budgeting but i just had to get some essentials.. yeah? (My money is gonna be gone soon by my next paycheck) I cry.

Anywho, here are my recent purchases...

I just purchased myself two OPI's off eBay for a really reasonable price! One for myself and one for my mum. I got the Dulce De Leche one. I saw this around heaps at places and also on Larisa's blog. I fell in love with the colour and i love neutral natural pastal-like colours?! If that makes sense. Overall, just nothing too bold :)
Dulce De Leche

Barefoot in Barcelona

I also bought myself this MAC Studio Fix Powder in NC25, I already have an Australis one but i thought i'd buy a MAC one to match with all the MAC products i have (Yeah, totally an essential) but i've been lusting over this for too long - so i just had to get it. I asked my cousin who lives in Texas and she works as a MAC Artist and all and she knew i was lusting over this for so long so she decided to send me a new one she had as a spare for me. (Thanks so much Lila :D)

Can't wait to get my hands on this!!!!

Lately i've got hold onto these 2 samples which my mum gets from buying Clarins and Lancome all the time. They're just random and i thought i'd try them out.
Clarins Beauty Flash Balm:
A Highlighting Primer which is great for flash photography and great on tightening pores.

Lancome Creme Mousse Confort Cleanser:
Just a cleanser for dry skin, the texture for this creamy foam is just velvety and is a pretty pearl shimmery colour - smells heavenly and works well on the first go!

Also i've purchased this Formula 10.0.6 Mud Mask and All Natural Witch Hazel Toner - for those who don't know what witch hazel is, it's a type of cleanser which is mainly used in majority of all facial products which aid for acne, blemishes etc.

I love the natural witch hazel as it's not mixed with other chemicals and it's not too pricey + it's natural! I just squeeze some product onto a cotton pad and just wipe is across my face in the morning / night time - well once a day to get rid of blemishes. Basically, it's just a toner.

The Formula 10.0.6 Mud Mask i just tried it out, i gotta say it didn't do much for me other than the pink one i purchased a while ago - but i thought i'll try this since i have a bit of a breakout of pimples on my forehead. So far, it hasn't done much - probably prolonged use might see some significant effects but i perfer the Pink mud mask i purchased from them earlier.

That's my recent purchases this week!

Also, STEREOSONIC IS IN 6 DAYS!!!! I'M SO PUMPED TO SEE AVICII!!!! YAYYYYY!! HEHEHE. Just thought i'd put that out.

Love, J.

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