Pancakes and Good Company.

So last night - Stef, Steph, Lorenzo & I + along with Stef's Uni friends; we all went to Pancakes On The Rocks at North Strathfield. All i have to say is that the food was awesome. We ordered Nachos, Wedges + Shared Half a Hot N Troppo with Lorenzo. Stef & Steph ordered Strawberry Patch, Chicken & Bacon Pizza which the four of us shared altogether.

I gotta say, the trip to North Strathfield Pancakes On The Rocks was pretty easy to find and probably about the travel time as the Northmead one - but i prefer the setting of the Northmead one to the one at North Strathfield - imo, i think the Northmead one looks more spacey instead of crammed up like the North Strathfield one (but thats my opinion).

But overall the food was great and i was pretty fulfilled with the amount of food we ordered - considering how filling pizza and wedges are just by themselves - their service was pretty good i have nothing bad to say about it. We saw this lady with this wacky rainbow hair, pretty interesting LOL. Nevertheless, here are some of the photos taken last night on my iphone.

Hot N Troppo:
Pancakes with Sliced Banana, Walnuts drizzled with Chocolate and topped with a scoop of Chocolate ice cream dusted with icing sugar

Trust me, it got sickening after a few bites.
Chicken and Bacon Pizza served with smooth guacamole and sour cream.

Nachos served with toasted corn chips, ground beef, jalapenos, diced tomato, melted cheese + guacamole and sour cream.

It was sooooo addictive and didn't taste really greasy like the nachos i normally eat at other places.

Strawberry Patch served with Strawberry Jam syrup and topped with Vanilla Ice Cream & Dusted with Icing Sugar.

This was Stef & Steph's Pancake (omg it was sooooo yummmmmmy) so addictive, i really wished i ordered this instead.

Left To Right:
Strawberry Patch,
Hot N Troppo,
Wedges with Sour Cream & Sweet Chilli,

Stef, Steph & Lorenzo - trust me my phone was spammed with their photos. THANKS GUYS LOL
They made this my iphone wallpaper. LOL
Steph & Lorenzo

Hence them again - they asked me to take a serious photo of them (it's their tradition - pretty lols)

Thank again to Stef for inviting Lorenzo & I along with having dinner with the Freeman + ACU peeps. I had a lovely night :)

Love, J.

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