Laggy post, but i clearly had nothing to post about until now! So quickly, a recap of the last 3 days!

So Lorenzo & I went to Parramatta on Monday and Tuesday. Only because on Monday we went to drop off his assignment at Le Corporate (this professional printer place) and the next day we had to pick it up - so I popped by Officeworks near by and bought myself some photo frames and a corkboard which looks pretty sharp in my room i must say! The frames we're on clearance and i managed to get the two framed one for $4 and the four framed one for $6? and the next day i went i buy another!

I also developed some photos of my cousins Melissa & May in our trip to Melbourne beginning of this year and also there's an old picture of me with redish brown hair (That was Year 10) LOL don't judge me!

Tuesday was a second re-run at Parra and we grab ourselves Boooooost + heaps of Breadtop. I got myself some berry one which i forgot, it was soooooooo nice and Lorenzo got Mango Tango? God, i seriously don't remember their names.

We also sussed out this Sushi Place (Sushi Deluxe) on Level 5, I apologise because i was way too hungry to take photos and ended up taking photos afterwards LOL (I don't know why i uploaded them ROFL) anyways... we are never eating there again. Service was really clumsy, by clumsy i mean - there was only 1 girl working and she kept forgetting to give us food and i asked her for water 3 times and she never gave me a glass of water. I don't know i felt sorry for her since she was the only person working but also - the prices was just too expensive for a sushi train dishes.

Like for example... I bought Agedashi Tofu the bloody tofu did not come with Udon sauce and it was not cut in cubes it was cut in squares... Plus it was $5.20. I much prefer Poporo / Takeru Sushi Train at Market City. Their dishes are $2.50 (with a Student Card) and also it's nice and cheap!

Also their miso soup and Sushi Deluxe was a packet Miso Soup, i could tell as the spring onions in the soup were tiny and we're rehydrated ... i can tell by fresh miso soup and packet... and just too add to my review of this place. Soft Shell Crab portion was RIDICULOUSLY small and it was $5.20 and one more thing. I paid with Eftpos and the girl forgot to give back my credit card. Thank god i asked for it back or else i'd never get my card back.

Note to self: NEVER EAT JAPANESE AT PARRA - seriously i always have the bad experiences there and also the japanese food at Parra is not great. I rather go to the city and have nicely priced food and food that is freshly made and generous in portion. Enough about that.

Today was pretty lols and by that, the weather was gay. Travelled all the way to Penrith with Lorenzo (cause he didn't wanna go to Uni alone to drop off his assignment) so i went along with him cause he was being a little girl (only kidding) but yeah, drove back and came back home and wanted to make chocolate brownies but we couldn't cause we didn't have the right margarine! Really gay cause i NEVER had brownies before. So we ended up eating Pizza Singles and that McCain Healthy Choice thingy - never knew frozen food was pretty nice.

Anywho, before i left the house to Lorenzo's today i got my Nubar Nail Polish in the mail!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!! It's so hectic!!! Why is it so hectic?

Because it has these reflective flakes that changes colour!!! If you look closely! Thanks Kristy for telling me about them once again!!

I tried it on with Revlon's Plum Attraction (Here pictured)
Along with everyone else i used.

So... I feel so bloated from the frittata i made earlier like an hour ago.
Egg, Parmesan, Mushroom, Bacon & Onion sprinkled with Parsley.
It was nice but i felt sick eating 3/4 of it. LOL
The things i make at night... fat.

Til Later!

Love, J.

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