Thirteen more days to go!

Hello there! This Sunday afternoon, consisted nothing but waking up at 12.15pm by my uncle calling on the home phone and ordering Pizza for Brunch. (Yes, you heard me). Checked my bank account to see i only have $170 and less than $150 after ordering Pizza for my sister and I. Probably made my Sunday morning.

I hopped online only to find that i had to help Lorenzo with his design assignment. So i did, i struggled using InDesign - probably nearly the closest thing to photoshop? Bleh.

I think i'm going to Parra tomorrow with Lorenzo to help him print out his Calendar for his Design Assignment which is due on Wednesday. Does anyone know a place where printing is really quick and cheap? We're planning on heading to LeCorporate at Parra (apparently its the best one there?)

Anyways, I was suppose to go to Pho An in Bankstown but we never got around to it. My mum said we'd go - that's the 3rd time she said we would go and we didn't end up going. At this point - i would be really pissed - which i am LOL.

But anywho, earlier today i was able to obtain the Set Times for Stereosonic this year!
Thanks to Bianca who linked me to the set times :) I'm excited - yet a bit disappointed at the fact that all the artists will be in set arenas? I don't know - this will be my first over 18 event LOL (besides clubbing) but yeaaaaah.

Click to Enlarge

I highlighted all the ones i want to see LOL, and i'll probably print it out before the day for the map & all - I have a feeling they will be giving this out at the event... But meh. I was a bit lost to how it actually works... I showed Lorenzo and he figured out that it was from descending order (probably makes sense) so i'm just gonna go along with that.

I think i'll be mainly staying at ANZ Stadium, i seriously don't know the other artists playing besides those who i've highlighted. Mainly, the highlight of Stereosonic for me will be Avicii. (Insert Big Love Heart RIGHT HERE) - I know i keep going on about Avicii, he is the best dj everrrrr. LOL.

I would really like it if Sebastian Ingrosso and Alesso was to be added to the Stereo List. Unfortuantely Ingrosso will be at Future Music Fest, which i am not going due to the fact that the main acts i wanna see are just 3 or 4 of them and the rest - I really don't give a f- LOL AND... i checked on the Optus site where Optus members can get good prices for tickets.. well, the price for FMF is $200 incl. booking fee $188 without and all ...... uh what the hell? The fact that it's all the way at Randwick makes it less appealing to go. So nah.

Moving on! Later today, i tried out some of these Skin Food Samples I got when i purchased a Skin Food Facial Mask & Eyeliner.

I love their Papaya Yoghurt Mask! It smells nice and makes my skin soooooo smooth. Also the eyeliner is a waterproof one which i love :D I was looking for a good waterproof eyeliner in a crayon form (cause its easy to apply) and this is the perfect one. It doesn't smudge or come off & stays on until you remove it with some make-up remover. LOL - I would definitely recommend these 2 products :)

I've used the Ginseng Mask (as you can see from the Staples - so i can use them next time LOL) The rest are just BB creams, I had more but i used them already - they were all facial masks. Theres this L'occitane one i got from the city, L'occitane is reeeeeeaaaallly nice & natural but very pricey. My mum uses it and she said she'd prefer it over Lancome.

Here's my MAC Dazzleglass in Creamy Pink. I love this lipgloss and i have never used 1/3 of a lipgloss ever.. (maybe my Lip Smacker one when i was younger) but this stays put and doesn't run off my lips like other lipglosses. This is my favourite of all time :)

I was thinking of getting an LV Eva Clutch for Stereo, some small bag that i can put like my ticket, phone, credit card & possibly some money in there etc. (but clearly i ain't gonna buy it for the sake of just Stereo - but for other general uses as well.) I gotta buy it asap so it will come in time for Stereo. Not sure if i should really get it too :S

I also need some decent comfortable shoes, i was thinking of getting Vans and some nice colour so i can wear it for other occasions as well. Since i've already got a pair of Rubi shoes which are like the Vans Slip On ones (that i bought for work) i could go with those but i know for a fact that my feet will kill wearing something not so comfortable at a Festival for 10+ hours - I really can't decide but i gotta get this bag asap. :O

Til later!

Love, J.


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