Night of nails.

Late post, i've been out and about today. And it's 11/11/11 today! - Not really gonna make a huge deal about it. I just like the number - not really a big fan of the whole 11:11 etc thingy. (Don't judge me) anywho, i'm tired - thought i'd post something!

This whole day consisted of bludging at home and craving for Ferrero Rocher. Earlier in the afternoon i went to Woolies with Lorenzo to buy some food to make for dinner and came across a whole box of Ferrero Rochers. How i really wanted to get them but unfortunately - i couldn't. Anywho, this morning the mail man delivered my Macadamia Natural Oil Shampoo...

Review: I thought it would be great, turns out to be alright.
I remember using it at Lorenzo's house and it made me hair super soft because he uses this one too.. LOL

Result? It does make my hair soft but not instantly, probably after a couple of washes or so.
I spent $48 (incl. shipping from Victoria) I'll see how it is after a week and get back on that.

Earlier this evening i wanted to try marble nails and this is how they turned out...

Very messy and pretty nooby for a first time. But i had fun painting my nails and trying different techniques and colours to occupy my friday night in. Supposedly i was suppose to go to dinner with Lorenzo but something happened - so i ended up staying at home and made spaghetti... Fun.

Painted my nails with this OPI Candles On My Cake Nail Polish, It's a nice cherry red colour. I also found this...

Never knew i had any OPI's but they're colours i usually wouldn't use so i think they're my mum's. The green is called Electric Eel and the Cherry Red one .. well thats the Candles On my Cake colour. I can't wait to get my Nubar nail polish from America. It's like Inglots #202 nail polish with the speckles and stuffy. Thanks Kristy for telling me about it! :) Also, i'm contemplating on getting MACS Studio Fix Powder.. Don't know - I should really save up for my trip to Ikea next week where i can decorate my room with pretty things.

Til another time.

Love, J.


  1. Aww that's too bad that the results for using the shampoo weren't as amazing as the first time you used it!
    I actually saw that shampoo at ffld showgrounds today :')

    I've always wanted to attempy marble nails!!!! But it's so messy and such a waste :( ahaha

  2. Yeah the shampoo is not to shabby, I'll see after a week how it is and all :) I feel a bit sad spending $48 on it. I think it won't work on all hair types :S

    The marble nails was REEEEEEAALLLLLY MESSY. But it was fun!


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