Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliner Review

I'm a huge black eyeliner person, I'm always on the hunt for new black eyeliners just in case if my favourite Skin Food eyeliner ever gets discontinued I know which other eyeliners I can purchase! I love crayon eyeliners and I prefer it over pencil, I do use gel and liquid from time to time as well so I'm not neglecting all of those other ones that I adore as well!

When I tried the Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliner that I received a few weeks back. I had high expectations considering the price tag for this eyeliner (coming at $14.95) and also what many beauty bloggers have said many positive things about this eyeliner. I've heard so many positive reviews online (all of the world) about this eyeliner that I had to see what the hype was all about and also put it to the test to see what Prestige claims to be true.

Prestige claims that... "The Total Intensity Eyeliner provides intense colour with deep black undertones. The water-proof, smudge-proof, transfer-proof formula lasts up to 10 hours."

To me it did not deliver most of what it claimed and I'm really disappointed cause of the 'hype' did not deliver what I was expecting.

For me, it was intense in colour and also had good staying power. I did a smudge test on the back of my hand it looked quite promising at first. You can see the intensity of the black. 

I'm not liking the idea that it's a crayon/pencil eyeliner in which you can't twist it up - so you gotta sharpen it every once in awhile... okay maybe frequently as the tip gets blunt really fast. 

The pigmentation of the eyeliner is amazing hence the 'Total Intensity' label given. The pencil glides on nicely and creates a nice thick black line - which is a plus! As for the formula itself, after a few hours (1-2) of wear on my upper lash line - it smudged giving me a slight panda eye look which transferred to the bottom of my eyes. (Major dislike!) It is waterproof, also a plus but from there I can't think of anymore positives about this product. 

I only use this eyeliner on my upper lash line so it's annoying to find that it transfers to the bottom of my eyes and what not. Urghhhh! I'm not sure if this is a thing that varies between person to person but a few people did experience the same thing as I did and others were loving it and also comparing to the Urban Decay 24hr eye pencils. I was thinking this would be comparable to the Milani Eyeliners but I have not tried it out to see so I can't give you a judgement on that. 

As for this Prestige Eyeliner -  the weird thing is it has incredible staying power when it comes to removing it with make up remover... If only if it didn't smudge after a few hours and created a panda eye it would've been awesome. As much as I want to 'love' this product I can't - without it giving me panda eyes. 

I would say it's a great eyeliner if you're going to create a smokey eye or something but anything for tightlining it's horrible. 

Coming at $14.95, the Australis 10hr Eyeliners are so much better and are $5 cheaper. I love love love them and they stay on all day. So I would definitely prefer the Australis ones over these any day, despite their limited colour range. 

  • Paraben Free
  • 8 different shades
  • Intense Colour 
  • Smooth Texture

  • Creates Panda Eyes (especially when tightlining)
  • Not good on the waterline
  • Smudges after a few hours
  • Pricey considering it's not a good enough product to my standards. 

Have you tried any other Prestige products?

Love, J

This product has been sent for consideration by a PR. All my opinions are honest and unbias. For more information please see my disclosure policy. 


  1. I haven't tried many of their products but I do love their twist up eyebrow pencil. It's just so easy to apply, it's my go to brow pencil when I am doing quick every day makeup. Sucks about their eyeliners though, I won't be trying those any time soon

  2. I own this and I love it. Such a shame it smudged so much on you! Perhaps you were wearing too much eye cream, foundation etc? I have the milani eye pencil and the prestige one is sooooo much better. The milani pencil is like butter...and smears like butter

  3. Yeah it does smudge a bit on the lower lashline, but it lasts pretty well on my top lashline :)

  4. Thanks for the review! I hate eyeliners which give me panda eyes within a couple of hours :( Shame that this didn't live up to its hype!

  5. A reader recommended this same eyeliner, I think, back a few weeks ago to me! I actually don't find the Australis 10Hr Wear Eye pencils to be that great >.> How do you make it last all day? It creases so bad on me and can only be helped with a primer!

    Meep. The pigmentation of this eyeliner is amazing!



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