MAC Blushes in Margin & Peaches

So two weeks ago I picked up these MAC blushes at IMATS. Surprisingly I heard that they weren't 20% off because it was only the MAC Pro items that was 20% off so to my realisation now, when I handed my credit card I paid full price?! Oh well, I worked really hard and I deserved to spoil myself at IMATS! (Not going to kick myself...) If I knew that earlier... why did I bother waiting in line and shizz. Urgh! 

Anyways, these are the very first MAC blushes I ever gotten and probably the most expensive blushes I've own to date. I was on the hunt for a peachy toned blush and somewhat Peaches was somewhat kinda what I wanted - not exactly but boy, it looks amazing on my cheeks! Hehehe. 

I tried Warm Soul in store many times - which I really liked but you gotta have a light hand to apply that because it's really pigmented. I was planning to purchase Warm Soul at IMATS but it was sold out. I got to the MAC Pro stand at around 9am and crap... a lot of goodies were gone. Margin was a random purchase I don't know, when I swatched it.. I was like... "Okay, I'll get that one" cause the other colour I chose (I don't remember) probably it was Springsheen (I think) was sold out. So maybe... that's why I chose Peaches secondly?! Anywho don't care I got two blushes, I'm happy!

Together both blushers look awesome. I've gotten many compliments from wearing them (especially Peaches) and also it's great for everyday wear and also going out. Basically, ANYTHING. I recommended Peaches to my cousin Mel and this was after she bought the NARS Orgasm blusher from Mecca... I told her to suss out Peaches and go back and exchange Orgasm. And I'm pretty sure she really digs Peaches as well. :) 

Margin (Left) & Peaches (Right)

As Margin is a Frost Blusher, as mentioned I use it sometimes as a highlight. As a blush by itself it's really opaque?! Well sheer. Peaches on the other hand is a Sheertone blush which is ... obviously sheer and also more pigmented and really buildable. The blushers I find are not so powdery they're smooth on application and last quite a while on the cheeks. I think a good couple of hours (4-5hrs?) 

I believe Margin is $42 or $43 at the MAC Counter and Peaches is $40. You can find these at a MAC counter at Myer or David Jones. 

Overall, I dig Peaches more and I love these blushers. Before these, I didn't really use blusher and now I'm so in love with Peaches and I love how it gives my face some colour. Love love love it! 

Any other MAC blushes you admire or like to try? 

Love, J 


  1. I am loving the margin one!Its definitely my kind of shade interms of blushes ^_~

  2. Those look great with your coloring but I can't rock the peaches.


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