IMATS Sydney 2012

Hello lovelies! I've missed my beloved blog after being MIA for a little while. I've been spending my mid-semester break at the beach, eating out, spending some time with the bf, celebrating a friend's birthday and also attending IMATS (yay!). Now I'm back at Uni and also back to working my ass off for the rest of the year... to lighten up the day I have my IMATS haul to show you!

I know you're all wondering what I got from IMATS and I got quite a handful. A little more than I imagined to be honest! This year IMATS was held at the Sydney Convention Centre at Darling Harbour. I attended IMATS with my childhood friend/workmate Lisa! We woke up at 6.30am, meet each other at our local bus stop at 7.10am and got to the city at around 8.30am just for IMATS!

(You gotta excuse the poor DSLR image I took in my room, the lighting kinda reflected here...So... what did I get from IMATS on Saturday!?

  • MAC Sheertone Blush in Peaches
  • MAC Powder Blush in Margin
  • Inglot Flakie Nail Polish in 203
  • Ben Nye LX-100 Ultra Bright Loose Pigment (This was a free sample)
  • Inglot Sleek Cream Lip Gloss in 100
  • Make Up Forever Aqua Lip Pencils in 1C, 15C, 17C
  • Royal & Langnickel SILK Pro Brushes: LG Stippler C251, Shade & Conceal C211, Flat Smudger C446, Crease C430, Metal Lash Comb C515, Dome Powder CR211, Synthetic Lip CR210
  • Mario Badescu Samples (From Myer) 

MAC Pro was 20% off, Inglot was 30%, I'm not sure about Ben Nye, I did purchase a cream eyeshadow but ended up returning it because I changed my mind about it. Lisa went to get a refund for it and the guy at Scotty's Make Up was extremely rude to Lisa... um okay? But at least I got my refund back.

Make Up Forever was supplied by PM Studio and I purchased their HD Foundation at the Spa & Beauty Expo in August, this time I purchase the Aqua Lip Pencils. MUFE was roughly around 30% off. Royal & Langnickel I don't know what the % off was but their brushes were mainly under $10 each.

I've taken a few photos at IMATS on my iphone cause I didn't bring my DSLR because it was bulky and I couldn't be bothered carrying extra weight. Also I wasn't on a Press Pass so I wasn't really bothered. I found out I could get a Press Pass after purchasing my ticket. SIGH. Couldn't saved $32! But oh well! Next Year! 

Lisa + I and our IMATS One Day Passes :) 


Left is the items I bought and Right is the items Lisa bought. 

Lisa got the Inglot Freedom Palette (10) with mainly neutral eyeshadows (pearls & mattes) and an Inglot Eyebase Primer.
5 Ben Nye Powders (I think there was an eyeshadow and the rest were blushes)
(Not Pictured) was her Myer Purchases afterwards. 

We took these pictures right after IMATS whilst taking a break sitting down at Darling Harbour :P


My Inglot Flakie Nail Polish in 203 and my Sleek Cream in 100
Make Up Forever Aqua Lip Pencils 


My MAC Blushes in Peaches & Margin
Royal & Langnickel Silk Pro Brushes

Despite spending nearly $200 at IMATS, I'm somewhat content... okay, happy!? I kinda stuck to my budget but I went over by a bit afterwards only because there were Inglot items I wasn't planning on getting as well as getting that additional blush from MAC! .

Overall Sydney IMATS was a bit disappointing, I was hoping there would be more stalls and also it'd would be bigger! The Sydney Spa & Beauty Expo was roughly 3 times bigger than IMATS and I actually found the Spa & Beauty Expo to be more interesting as the set ups there were more eye catching.

I was extremely disappointed that NYX wasn't there and my friend Lisa & I was waiting and wondering if they would set up a stall... at all... I heard it's not the first time they did a 'no show' apparently last year that occurred as well. Boo!

It was heaps crazy at MAC Pro, a lot of things were gone by 9.30am and one of the blushes (which I don't remember) was gone when I asked the girl to get it for me - but I did end up getting two MAC blushes which I like!

Inglot was also crazy, Lisa & I headed to Inglot first because she wanted her Freedom Palette she was eyeing for quite sometime. She made a list of all the eyeshadow shades on her phone and wrote them all down on a sheet and quickly got her order put together! Others waited quite a while in this 'cattle' styled waiting 'area'. The second round when we headed back to Inglot (this time I made a purchase) I waited nearly an hour to get my items... others waited for like half an hour or less. It was inconsistent and the 'system' they had was a bit stupid but meh.

I saw a few beauty bloggers and also a few youtubers that I sort of knew and some I knew. I was super shy so I didn't have the courage to go up to them and say "Hi, I'm .... and I watch your videos!!!" etc. Lisa kept encourging me to say 'Hi' but I was way too shy!! I don't know why but other bloggers that I was willing to say hi to or bump into I didn't see them! Probably cause we were roaming all over the place and we probably left and never gotten a chance to see each other! Next year... next year!

After IMATS, Lisa & I headed to Westfield Pitt St Mall for Illamasqua and also miscellaneous goodies in the Cosmetics Dept at Myer. Since MAC Pro was selling out most their products, Lisa went to get a brow pencil despite paying full price because she was in desperate need of a brow pencil stat! She also ended up purchasing Too Faced Shadow Insurance after being a bit iffy of her Inglot Eyebase (Primer) and also some Mario Badescu Toner? Cleanser? I forgot... and I managed to grab two samples for myself. 

After a long ass day at the city from leaving our area at 7.30am til getting home at 4pm - we were dead dead tired. But we were so happy with our purchases! I was so glad I got new MAC blushes (as I never owned a MAC blush before). I wore it to my friend Karen's Birthday the following day after (On Sunday). I had complements about my blush and I love it! I wore MAC's Peaches and I'm madly in love with it! 

I also got to wear a few of the cosmetics I picked up at IMATS. Along with MAC's Peaches on my cheeks, on my lips was my Inglot Lip Gloss in 100 (which I ADORE SO SO MUCH!) and also the Makeup Forever Aqua Lip Pencil in 1C. I also used the Stippling Brush I bought from Royal & Langnickel and used the Eye Brushes for my smokey brown shadow I had going on... I was surprised with my attempt with a smokey eyeshadow - I've never really succeeded! I don't think you can tell in the image below cause I kept it really subtle but overall I was highly impressed with my make up on Sunday night, ready for my friend, Karen's Birthday! 

So what did I use...

Urban Decay Primer Potion 
Shu Uemura Lash Curler 
Essence Eyebrow Designer in 02 Brown
Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze
Naked 2 Palette Eyeshadows: Snakebite, Chopper, Half Baked and Foxy 
Skin Food Waterproof Eye Crayon in 01
Australis 10 Hour Eyeliner in Bombtastic Bronze
Australis Killer Curves Mascara
Maybelline One by One Mascara
Natural Looking False Lashes (Some Korean Brand I threw away the packaging) 

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer 
Make Up Forever HD Foundation in 123
MAC Select Cover Up Concealer
Benefit's Porefessional Pro Balm
Revlon Colourstay Pressed Powder in Medium 
MAC Peaches Blush 
Benefit's Hoola Bronzer 
MAC Fix+ 

Maybelline Baby Lips in Antioxidant Berry 
Make Up Forever Aqua Lip in 1C
Inglot Sleek Cream in 100 

Yep, that's my make up for my friend's birthday on Sunday :D

So this wraps it up!

I will also be definitely reviewing the products I bought from IMATS real soon. 

Did you attend IMATS? If so, let me know below & I would love to check out your haul! I've been watching many IMATS Sydney Hauls on youtube and they're so interesting! 

Love, J


  1. Great haul!

    A lot of people were disappointed with NYX's no-show :/

  2. Looks like you scored some great products. That's brutal that NYX didn't show, though I'm envious that you were able to shop Inglot. They've never shown up to the Toronto IMATS.. not yet anyway.


  3. You got a great haul! I was really disappointed with the no-shows and ended up not getting anything on my MAC list as they were out of them by 10:30ish already.
    I was there for BBU12 with a ton of other bloggers, and kept having more who know me from online come up and say hi which was really cool.

  4. You got really nice stuff! :)

  5. Nice haul! I bought, ahem, quite a bit more than that at IMATS, but all things that I will use a lot and that my collection needed :) Peaches sounds really lovely, I've only got a few MAC blushes but just the name sounds sweet.


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