Going Total Intensity with Prestige Cosmetics

Prestige is a cosmetics brand that I see regularly when I'm in Priceline, it's not one I actually pay close attention to only because their prices for their cosmetics don't really appeal to me (a bit expensive and comparable price range to Bourjois) but I'm always drawn towards either Australis, Face of Australia and Essence when I'm there. 

Anyways! These eyeshadows were sent to me and I've been putting them to the test for the past week or two. I wanted to see how good Prestige cosmetics really are and are they worth paying a little bit extra as opposed to other brands being offered at Priceline. They're pretty much considered the 'high end cosmetics brand at a drugstore' one Australian Beauty Blogger quoted (don't remember who). 

Hocus Pocus (Left) & Crave (Right) in Pan. 

Prestige claims that... The Total Intensity Eyeshadow Collection consist of long-lasting, cream-pigmented powders that use duo-chrome pigment, an advanced colour technology that creates a unique multi-dimensional look ranging from multi-colour to bold. It's smudge and crease proof and can be used wet or dry to intensify the colour. 

I definitely agree on the smudge-proof statement but as for crease proof... er... they did crease after a few hours, 5 to be exact on my lids without primer - probably 8 with primer. I noticed this when I wore this eyeshadow on a hot day whilst at Uni. The formulation is a cream like consistency, it's easy to spread across the lids and also they settle quickly. It is definitely pigmented and also the packaging is pretty sturdy.

Hocus Pocus (Left) and Crave (Right)
You can barely pick up the duo-chrome effect on Camera! Best to try it out at Priceline instore!

When blended out. 

I was a bit imtimidated by Hocus Pocus as the colour seemed like a mystical greeny-black shadow (something I would never really put on my lids) but after using it as an eyeliner and part of my make up for Defqon, the colour is so much more prettier swatched and applied rather than in pan.

I wore this eyeshadow to Defqon from 11am - 1.30am (and Hocus Pocus was still intact but moved a bit cause of the oilness of my eyelid and obviously, going to a music festival you're bound to be sweating and be in the sun for long periods of time). I used Hocus Pocus to layer on top of my black eyeliner and been loving the duo-chrome effect that adds a little touch to my eye make up.

As for Crave (a golden shimmery yellow), Crave is definitely a colour I would reach for, seemingly for everyday use. Definitely something neutral and also works with anything. It's great to be used by itself. Enough said. 

Overall, to me they're nothing really utterly special beside the unique duo-chrome colours. They remind me of the Maybelline Color Tattoos which are pretty similar and much cheaper to get your hands on now. I prefer my Maybelline Color Tattoos overall than these eyeshadows. I'm not overly obsessed over these eyeshadows but they do offer a range of 8 shades with are accompanied with 8 of their eyeliners from the same range.

Why I like the Total Intensity Eyeshadows...

  • Good Pigmentation 
  • Vibrant and Unique Colours - Love the duo-chrome! 
  • Sturdy Packaging 
  • Good Quality Eyeshadows
  • Made in the USA, you know that there aren't gonna be funny stuff being added there. 

Why I don't like Total Intensity Eyeshadows...

  • Coming at $18.99 a pop, not cheap! Considering it's a brand 'found at a drugstore' I'm sure you can find things cheaper than are just as the same quality. 
  • You can get cheaper cream eyeshadows like the Maybelline Color Tattoos that work just as good or even better 

If you want to know more about these eyeshadows, You can check them out when they're avaliable at Priceline Stockists from 27th of September onwards (that's in two days!) 

They retail for $18.99 RRP. 

Check out Prestige Cosmetics on Twitter or Facebook or their website here!  

Have you tried any Prestige Cosmetics? 

Love, J 

*PR sent for Consideration. This has not affected my honest opinions on this product. For more information please see my Disclosure Policy.  


  1. Nice review :) They look really pigmented but yeah, don't think they're anything special.

  2. Wonderful review!! They look very pretty, but they seem a bit pricey for a drugstore brand!

  3. The dark colour is really pretty, but that is pretty damn expensive for Prestige... you may as well invest in a MAC shadow for that price!


  4. Wow @ $19 a shadow, I am not surprised that it is good! I am loving crave! That gold is so pigmented and bright! My gold shadows just turn out boring and grey.
    Me too!!!! Still missing Defqon :( I hope there'll be a next year! If not, there's Stereosonic and that new Q-dance event 'IQon'


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