Upcoming IMATS & A Week's Haul.

Yay! Just Plain Delirious is officially 1 years old! And I hope 'bloggaversary' would be a suitable made up name for this. Thanks to all of those who have followed me when I only had like 4 followers to start with to now hundreds! We've just reached around 40k views as well and have many visitors mainly from the US & also of course... Australia! I've been thinking of holding a giveaway either giving away a Naked or Naked 2 Palette but I know everyone is always doing those type of giveaways so if you have any other ideas for a giveaway prize, comment down below!

Anywho! IMATS is approaching real soon! I know many girls that I know are going and I'm going to be so excited  to be sussing out all this make up as well as purchasing some as well! For those who follow me here on this blog and also on twitter, instagram and all and if see me, please come and say hi! I said hi to a few peeps at Defqon this year and no... 'it's not awkward!' like Lisa thought it would be! Hahaha! I would love to meet you hehehe!

Anyways, I made a rough wishlist and also an overall make-up wishlist for IMATS so I have an idea on what to look for and not waste too much time scavenging through people.

I'm also doing this IMATS tag so if you decide to do this tag let me know!

1. Have you been to IMATS before? No I haven't, first time!
2. What day are you going to IMATS in Sydney? Saturday September 29th!
3. Who are you going with? My primary school friend Lisa & My high school friend Cindy!
4. Is there anyone you want to meet at IMATS? Have no idea! I wanted to see Rae Morris but I only bought a Saturday ticket so... I won't be able to see her :(
5. What makeup brand/exhibit are you most excited to see? MAC, definitely. Make Up Forever, Inglot... I'm not sure about other exhibitors cause I know the ones on the website are pretty vague.
6. Do you plan to be there the whole day? Probably not, maybe for a couple of good hours then roam around the city I suppose.
7. What days will you be in Sydney? Well... I live in Sydney.. hahaha!
8. What do you want to get out of IMATS? Um.. obviously getting my hands on discounted cosmetics as well as seeing some guest speakers seeing some live demonstrations and etc

Also the past week these are the things that have came in the mail and some things I've bought. Will do a review real soon :) I also got a huge bottle of Bioderma, a 500ml one but I forgot to add the image in...

Hope to see you at IMATS if you're going and also will keep you posted on my upcoming reviews! 

Love, J 


  1. The new Garnier BB cream is much better than the original :)

  2. Happy Bloggaversary !!! I wanted to go IMATS this year but I can't make it :(

  3. Happy Bloggiversary! :)
    Looking forward all the swatches and reviews!

  4. Happy birthday to the blog! Hope you have a fantastic time at IMATS :) I saw Rae Morris at the Spa & Beauty Expo, it was pretty neat. I like how organised you are with the lists and the specific things you're after - helps to hopefully curb impulse buys :p

  5. Happy Blogaversary!
    I got the Garnier BB cream in the mail this week too! Aside from swatching it, I haven't had a chance to use it yet though, looking forward to your review if you do review it!


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