September's Lust Have It

So before heading out to work today around... 2pm. My mum handed me three parcels to me. One was from Sleek MakeUp (which I will review real soon) and another was some accessories I got from eBay. Last but not least it was also this month's Lust Have It box! I ripped that box quickly and had a good suss at the items I got this month before I left for work today!

This month's Lust Have It has been a bit of an improvement as opposed to the past 2 months or so (if I believe so.) I didn't blog about last month's Lust Have It because I was that disappointed and I couldn't say too much about it. Anywho, with a slight positive outlook towards this post - I was excited and thrilled to check out what I got for this months subscription.

I'm somewhat satisfied with this months box as opposed to the previous ones so far only because there were items I actually find pretty useful and also they're pretty good sample sizes or trial sizes considering how pricey they usually are. (I'm talking about the Dermologica ones, I think they were the ones that got me excited the most)

This month, it came in a silver pouch. Last month it came in a box to celebrate Lust Have It's 1st Birthday. The contents on last months box were mediocre but we shall focus on this months box which I quite like!

I got two Dermologica trial size products! Enough said. I am happy! For the rest of the item they were like... meh. I've been keen on trying their products so this is a great opportunity to try them!  Also, it's my first time trying out a Mirenesse product that was included in this months subscription. There was also a free $90 voucher for a Dermologica facial (if you make a $50 purchase in store) and also there was a voucher where you can redeem for a free Cat Liner Eyeliner from Mirenesse worth $39? I think it was. Davroe came with a coupon for a free hair styling product. The code is 'BEAUTY' if you're interested.

I apologise for the bad photos, my camera was just not focusing much today and it was hella annoying. Bare with me for now!

So what did I get...

1. Dermalogica PreCleanse (150ml @ $65.50 - Received 15ml) - Gently permeates and liquefies sebum and oil based debris from the skin's surface, encapsulating it so it is readily rinsed away without leaving behind any greasy residue.

Haven't tried this product yet but it was depicted on the Lust Have It description card that the Precleanse was very popular on the set of the Twilight Eclipse movie, as the make-up artist used it to remove heavy make-up from actors without harsh rubbing or over cleansing.

2. Dermalogica Active Toner (250ml @ $51 - Received 30ml) - Spritz on for critical hydration with this refreshing blend of skin-repairing Aloe, moisture binding Sodium PCA plus soothing Lavender, Balm Mint and Arnica. Excellent for all skin conditions.

This product reminds me of the Puretopia Refresh and Balance Facial Mist & Toner. It can possibly be a cheaper dupe. If you own the Puretopia Refresh & Balance Facial Mist you know what I'm talking about. This toner leaves this numbing tingly feeling on my face after spritzing it. I don't know if that's good or bad... LOL. But it then leaves my skin smooth and refreshed.

3. Davroe Ultimatum Non Aerosol Hairspray (200ml @ $19.95 - Received 50ml) - A finishing spray that provides a long lasting maximum hold to any style. This quick drying formula includes Rosemary and Hops to help protect the hairs natural moisture balance and adds natural shine.

I used this today before heading to work, it was meh. Felt like a typical hair spray and I didn't like how it made my hair solid (you know that feeling with hair spray?) Yeah, I like my De Lorenzo Elements Ocean Mist Hair Spray which I got with April's Lust Have It box which I use from time to time for work to just set my stray baby hairs in place.

4. Mirenesse "Protect Me" - Tinted or Regular (18g @ $69 - Received a 'Tinted' sample size roughly 5gs?) - A unique 2-in-1 anti-ageing balm that's infused with high performance Mineral Sunscreens (not chemical) that protect against UVA & UVB rays.

Haven't tried this yet but I'm assuming it's a tinted moisturiser from the description.

5. Say It With Scent - Green Tea or Vanilla or Frangipani (200ml @ $26.80 - Received a 30ml 'Vanilla' scent - A non-greasy easily absorbed lotion, enriched with Shea Butter and natural vitamin E. This lotion is plant based and contains no petro chemicals.

I was kinda meh when I saw this considering the amount of lotions Lust Have It always shoves in their monthly subscriptions. But I do love the heavy vanilla scent, it's heavenly pleasant that you might be tempted to lick the cream... LOL. Trust me this vanilla scent is not sickening but smells so good that you wanna eat it.

This wraps up this post, I've been hella busy and I apologise my recent rant on twitter about Uni. You know... a girls gotta rant... Anywho, be back soon with more reviews (Mid-Semester Break next week! Woop!)

Love, J 

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