Royal and Langnickel Silk Pro Brushes Review

Before I start... Excuse the images as my camera lense has been acting up on me lately, as well as the dirty Stippling Brush I have displayed on my images! Slightly embarrassing! I should've cleaned it before taking the photo but oh wells! Anyways, I'm going to be reviewing the Royal and Langnickel Brushes which I purchased at IMATS a few weeks back. I don't have a full set but this is a selection of brushes I picked up!

First off, these brushes are affordable and they're pretty decent quality. I mean you get what you pay for and a few were are beyond my expectations and some didn't quite make it. They ranged from as cheap as $5 (I believe) to $15-20? for a single brush. There were brush sets and rolls at IMATS but they didn't appeal to me since I wouldn't planning on getting a large amount of brushes. 

I purchased the Silk Pro brushes, which I think is relatively new. These are the first time I've purchased the R&L brushes and seeing how affordable they were, why not!? There was also the Revolution brushes from the R&L range and also these other ones which I don't remember. 

I bought these as back up brushes as I always find that some of my eye brushes are dirty and it would be useful for a back up and have a clean brush handy for those days when I want to switch or blend some colours around without spot cleaning the brushes and waiting for them to dry since I am always in a rush in the morning when applying make up. 

I purchased a total of 7 brushes I believe, and  it cost me $44 (from memory) I don't remember exactly how much each brush was but they were roughly around $5-$7. The stippling brush I believe was $7? I think... or $7.50 and the metal lash comb was $5. 

The stippling brush isn't anything new to me. I've gone through 5 stippling brushes (many of which were purchased on ebay) and I had a MAC 187 brush but I've seem to misplaced it. (Sad life! Gah!)

Anyways, it wasn't the best stippling brush I ever used... in fact it was really bad. I did use it as a blush brush at some times so hence the pink on the image. Nevertheless, I needed a new stippling brush and I was planning on getting the real techniques stippling brush but I picked this up cause it was cheap and I wanted to see how it was and see if I could use it temporarily. Overall, I was really disappointed with this brush (which I will explain real soon and why!)

The metal lash comb has been a huge lifesaver and I'm glad I picked it up! Though I haven't found myself using it so much... I'm so glad I bought a concealer brush and this one from R&L is pretty awesome! 

Okay, now to the brushes and my thoughts on them. I feel like I'm all over the place with this post but excuse my writing! 

The brushes that I really like the most are the concealer brush (4th brush down on the image above) and the eyeshadow smudger brush (7th/last brush pictured on the bottom of the image above). I use these everyday and so far they're awesome. No complaints and for around $5-6 a brush, I'm loving it!

The brushes that I least like are most definitely the stippling brush, it has fallouts everytime I use it and it's annoying. If it didn't have fallouts at all I would like the brush. To me the brush felt flimsy and also didn't work as well as the other brushes which were more sturdy  As for the stippling brush itself it's mediocre, I wouldn't say it's the best and I would definitely not purchase this brush anymore. I'm definitely going to find a new stippling brush. 

The crease brush (or the fluffy brush I would like to call it - which is the 5th brush on the image above) it's an a-okay brush I don't love it or hate it - it's kinda in the middle. I like the brush in terms of blending and blurring out the harsh lines when I do my eyeshadow, but I wish the brush wasn't so big and so fluffy! Look at the fluffiness! My sigma E40 is the right size for blending and I wish it was a bit smaller, other than that no complaints. 

As for the metal lash comb, I adore it! Great for getting rid of clumps and also get for separating lashes - though I haven't used it on a daily basis lately but I do like it! 

The travel brushes, I also bought two travel brushes that I stash in my bag for on the go makeup application. One is a Dome Powder brush and one is a lip brush. The Dome Powder brush would have to be the most expensive out of the lot coming in at $11 for the travel size. It's exceptional quality for that price, and I love the sleek black packaging. The lip brush was $4 and it's pretty good as well. 

I hope this post wasn't all over the place as I'm trying to fix up my horrible grammar within my post, let me know if there's anything I need improving on! Last weeks #bbloggersoz chat on twitter really opened my eyes about blogging and I'm feeling a bit skeptical about my posts! Hahaha! 

Have you tried any R&L brushes? If so, which one are your favs? 

Love, J 

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