Getting Cleared Up with Clinique

So on Monday, I went to Myer's to finally purchase some Clinique products that I've been dying to own. I was going to get the full set of the Anti-Blemish Solutions but considering that a similar and also less harsher cleanser is just as effective, I opted for the facial soap since it was something I was going to get with GWP (of over $60) I saved myself around $60 by not getting the whole set. Yay!

Part of the reason why I waited til Monday to finally get my hands on the Clinique set was I thought the boyfriend was going to get it for me for my birthday (which he was going to but instead got me something even... better! Hahaha!) 

Anywho, I bought the Anti-Blemish Solutions after trialing the 3 Step as well as the mini size of this set. So far, I've seen improvements with my skin after using the Anti-Blemish System and it's been so amazing! 

I was a bit stupid to stop using the Clinique for like a week or so and my skin starting going back to the way it was, by this time my sample sized Anti-Blemish Kit was almost running out and I was already opting into buying the full size product. 

Anywho down to the review! I also the goodies I got with the GWP (Gift With Purchase of over $60). So so glad I got this today! By the way, my skin is Oily Combination: most problematic area would be my T-Zone. My skin use to be Dry Combination but is now an Oily Combination. The following two products suit for ALL skin types according to Clinique. 

First, the Anti-Blemish Solutions Clarifying Lotion (on the left) is more like a toner you use everyday and night. It's designed to exfoliate as well as treat blemishes and pimples. This should be used 2nd after the Cleansing Foam then move onto the Clarifying Lotion then onto the Clearing Moisturiser. 

As you can see, I didn't purchase the Cleansing Foam, this is because my skin isn't as bad as it is but the Cleansing Foam for the Anti-Blemish Solutions System would be probably a bit too harsh. I opted with the Liquid Facial Soap in Mild which I had 2 samples (that I obtained from David Jones) of Dry Combination and also Oily Combination. (It's also pictured below in the gift set). I found that mixing and matching the 3 Step System along with the Anti-Blemish Solutions system works best for me. You can always mix and match products to suit your skin. 

Also, with the accompaniment of the 'toner' is the Anti-Blemish Solutions Clearing Moisturiser it locks in and smooths out the skin as well as prevent breakouts and providing that moisture the skin needs. Altogether with the Liquid Facial Soap which I use in the morning and night, then swiping off dead skin cells and also clearing up blemishes and pimples removing bacteria and reducing excess oil with the Anti-Blemish Clarifying Lotion and finally finishing the job off and moisturising with Anti-Blemish Clearing Moisturiser is the way to go for me! 

Overall here are the pros and cons for this product.

  • Effective and visible results after a week or a week and a half to two weeks - I didn't see this when I used regular drugstore brands and if so, they took longer to see any fast visible results. 
  • Great for all types of skin 
  • Will last probably around half a year with the 'Toner' and at least 2-3 months with the moisturiser (according to using this daily)
  • Found it more effective than drugstore products 
  • Moisturiser is very enriching and smooth
  • Can buy the starter kit on the Clinique AU Website for $67AU compared to the full size set which is $117
  • A little pricey but worth the investment
  • May be a bit harsh depending on your skin 
  • Can be a little drying overtime with use (hence why I swap around with my other Clinique Toners (Step 2 of the Kit 3 for Oily Combination in conjunction for the Toner for the ABS)
  • Takes a bit of time since you are Cleansing, Toning & Moisturising 
  • It is mainly effective if you use it morning and night

You can find the Anti-Blemish Solutions in Australia at Myer, David Jones and online at Clinique AU for $42 for a 200ml bottle. This should last you a good month or two (by my judgement) and maybe a bit longer depending if you use it every second day or so. 

As for the Anti-Blemish Solutions Clearing Moisturiser it is $39AU and is a 50ml moisturiser. 

Overall, they're a bit pricey but so worth the price for what they provide and also for what your skin really needs. You can get your skin checked up anywhere where Clinique stands are avaliable. 

Also, in addition to this lengthy review... The gift set I got from Clinique after purchasing over $60AU (Only avaliable at Myer til stocks last) 

Loving the Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturiser with SPF 15.
It's more like a light-medium coverage foundation/tinted moisturiser. Much love for it. It came in the shade 03 Neutral (and PERFECTLY matched my NC25 skin)

I was highly excited to get the All About Eyes Serum. Somewhat similar to the Garnier Roll-on but even better. 

Moisture Serge Intense Moisturiser was heaps good, made my skin feel like a baby's butt. Really good for Dry skin. 

Hurray for my bonus Liquid Facial Soap! Despite it being Dry Combination, it still works on my skin (I called up Clinique counter wanting to swap this but they said they added this in the bag to suit every bodies skin type) 

The Hand Cream was so good. It started working straight away but I'm not a hand cream person so I might give this to my mum. 

The blush colour wasn't a huge hit for me since I'm not a fan of it. When I swatched it - it felt chalky and the pigmentation was just bad. I don't know, might give it away or something. I'll probably give it another go. 

The High Impact Mascara was meh. I didn't feel it didn't do much justice... Good travel sized mascara though. 


Lipstick in Rosette 
Lip Gloss in Kissyfit 
Blush (you can merely see) in Iced Lotus

I really like the lip gloss, probably as good as the MAC lip glosses. 

I am so glad I'm using Clinique, I've tried many brands only to find that nothing has worked  or suited me. I'm also thankful for my cousin for introducing Clinique to me, I am forever grateful that I will not be turning my back on Clinique! Hope you enjoyed my lengthy review! Have you tried any Clinique Products? 

Love, J 


  1. I second this product. It cleared up one of the worst breakouts I've had. I might add another con to that list; this can be very drying. The clarifying lotion certainly did it's job with sweeping away dead skin cells but make sure you wear some sort of skin protection with this!

    Hope to see more reviews soon Joline :)


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