Collective Hauls: Spa & Beauty Expo + Jewellery

So on Sunday I was invited by Katrina from Symbol PR to the Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo at the Sydney Convention Centre at Darling Harbour with my sister. Originally, my friend Shela was suppose to be there to accompany me but she couldn't make it.

We had some sister time (which we never really do) at the city. We had Pepper Lunch... for lunch! To those who don't know what Pepper Lunch is... it's freaking amazing (I'll explain briefly down below). I know they're only avaliable in Sydney so far but hopefully they will franchise out to the rest of Australia. It's my favourite spot to eat at the city.

We then headed towards Darling Harbour with the guidance of my stupid iPhone GPS leading us to a weird direction. Long story short, we had a wonderful time and also I snagged up some goodies (not only from the expo but also our trip to the city) to bring home only to hurt my poor credit card once again. Anywho here are some pictures to do most of the talking...

My Media Pass to the Spa & Beauty Expo!

My Salmon & Cut Steak at Pepper Lunch with my sister. 

Basically, for those who don't know what Pepper Lunch is... it is japanese orientated 'fast food' that is 'healthy'. You get a dish (meat or fish) along with rice and vegetables (whatever, according to the menu) and basically they're placed on a hot plate and you cook it to the way you like it! 

CitiSuper Macaroons for $1 - $10 for 10 + 2 free Macaroons. 

Their range isn't that great with a few limited flavours but their macaroons are pretty mediocre. Obviously they're more homemade and petite and hence why they're so cheap. 

Here are the goooooodies! 

Domokun Slippers - $5 - My sister & I snagged at the Morning Glory Stand at Market City

Make Up Forever HD Foundation - $42 (Normally $58AU) at PM Studio (On the day of the Expo) - Unfortunately I have to exchange this shade as it's too dark on my NC25 skin (will do a review on it once I get my right shade)

OPI Nail Polish in The 'IT' Color - $10 (from the Expo), Normally $19.95 RRP in Aus. 

Magnetix's Nail Polishes in Blue & Pink - $10 (from the Expo), Not 100% sure how much they would usually be here with AU RRP's. 

Real Technique's Blush Brush - $13 (from the Expo), $22.99 AU RRP 

Secret Star Girl False Lashes (Korean Branded) - $4  (from the Expo) - comes with two glue tubes and inexpensive for a pack of good quality natural looking lashes for going out. 

Various Free Samples from Pelactiv from the Expo. 

Overall I'll be doing reviews on the nail polishes, the RT brush & obviously the MUFE Foundation! Stay Tuned!

For some odd reason when I tried this shade at the expo it was alright. I went to a friends house who happened to have the same shade as well as other similar shades and found that N128 made me look like I had a really bad tan. I emailed PM Studio today and they said they will allow me to exchange it :) 

This shade was in N128, I need to get something between 120-123 :( Since I haven't really opened the physical packaging I'm going to exchange it for another shade.

Daiso Clear Lash Glue & Bobbi Pins from CitiSuper 

Also, these came in the mail today. Jewellery that I bought from eBay as well as (not pictured) my Ksubi Brenda Blue Jeans (here) which I've been lusting since my trip to Melbourne. Right now I'm loving my new pair of Ksubi's!!!

Here I bought a collar pin for my collared Mink Pink top. Can't wait to try it out! As well as a 4 Coloured Triangle Bracelet & braided pink bracelet to accessorise with my Michael Kors watch (sadly it looks weird as a combination so I might set it aside and wear it separately another day). Also a collared gold choker which I've been wanting for a while, so glad I got it for real cheap on eBay :)

Also, due to my busy schedule my posts will be a bit more scarce cause I'm still catching up with heaps of Uni work. You understand right? I miss my beloved blog and blogging occasionally. Please bare with me.

Have you got any good buys lately?

Love, J 

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  1. Oooh, nice hauls! Been curious about the Make Up For Ever HD foundation myself ... it's good that you're able to exchange shades, aw.
    And yay for the Ksubi's arriving!


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