A Selection of Pantene's Aqua Light Range

Apologies for not updating for a while. I've (and still currently) sick. I have a really bad chesty cough which I probably contracted from the gym and currently taking antibiotics which is heaps annoying. 

Anywho, I've been meaning to do this post for a long while but since I've got so many things to get through and other things I wanted to share first I've finally got around to doing this review. It's been on my mind for 3 weeks or so and I can say I can give you guys a good review on these products!

I was contacted by a PR in order to trial out a few items from Pantene's Aqua Light range, I've trialed them before in a sample size I received ages ago but that sample size only lasted like 3 washes and I suppose I needed more in order to determine if I should buy the actual product or not. 

Anywho, so far I've been using these for nearly a month or maybe a month now and I'm loving the condition of my hair and how affordable the this range from Pantene is. 

So what Pantene has to say is... 

The silicone-free formula in new Pantene Aqua Light shampoo contains groundbreaking water-soluble beads that rinse the hair from root to tip in seconds, leaving it feeling as light as a feather and beautifully nourished.
  • Free of silicone and other heavy ingredients
  • Features Clean Rinse technology to rinse hair fast, leaving it feeling fresh, clean and lightweight
  • Nourishes hair from root to tip, leaving it full of health, not residue
  • Removes all trace of residue and prepares hair perfectly for Pantene Aqua Light conditioner
I couldn't agree more with the 'Aqua Light' feeling. For reference, my asian hair is really thick and coarse also it's dry on the ends (due to my hair straightener and also colouring). I found that the Shampoo by itself makes my hair really light and not weighed down by my natural hair (regardless of the conditioner) with the Conditioner it's adds the extra shine and also softness and also revives my ends making them moisturised? Um... well, the appearance of the dead/dry ends is less noticeable. Not to mention, how it kind of makes my hair a little thin (due to the fact that it makes my hair lighter in texture, if that makes any sense)

When paired with the Treatment, it takes the conditioning and repairing of my dry hair to another level. You can use it by itself but it's best to use all the products together (as you will see the full extent of the effects on your hair). What I basically did was I shampooed my hair rinse it out then condition my hair and leave it in for at least a minute or two, rinse that off and then apply the treatment for at least another two minutes or so and then wash it out. Trust me, even though that sounds like a lot in that time I'm usually cleansing my face and also my body so it's all gooooooood! All under 10 minutes in the shower! 

After I'm done I apply the Split End Fuser to my hair (when my hair is lightly dried with a towel), I apply the whole product (and it's a lot!) to my ends and whatevers left over I apply it on the rest of my hair. After that, you are done!

After my hair has completely dried and everything my hair feels super super soft and also looks really healthy. I never thought that these products would do so much to my hair and considering how they're not a high ended brand is really awesome!  I swear this whole system and it is amazing! I couldn't believe how healthy my hair looked. Honestly!

The best part is that this whole kit would probably cost less than a shampoo and conditioner in a high end brand and works just as well as a high end branded shampoo and conditioner (I'm talking about the salon branded ones for those who don't know).

Even though there are a lot of steps involved, you don't need to do this EVERYDAY or every other day. Maybe once or twice a week is enough. I shampoo and condition my hair every other second day and this is great to use on anyone who suffers from dandruff. I was a bit skeptical when I first used the shampoo because I have dandruff from time to time but if you're really skeptical just add a little of your regular dandruff shampoo with this shampoo and it should work. I don't because it works fine with my dandruff prone hair.

You may like it because...

  • Widely available at Supermarkets, Big W, Target & Priceline (anywhere Pantene is sold) 
  • Affordable. I believe the Shampoo & Conditioners cost $7.89 each for a 350ml bottle which is pretty good. 
  • Gives hair a healthy shine, feel and look - repairing your split/dry/dead ends
  • Noticeable results after 1 wash (also really good when you're just using the Shampoo & Conditioner)
  • Hair feels super light, great for those who have thick hair and love 'light' feeling hair. 

You may not like it because...
  • There is too many steps involved? Probably. 
  • If you naturally have thin hair.
  • You have to keep using the product to see the results
  • To see the full effect it's best to use those products together. But I'm pretty sure with a good shampoo and conditioner it may work. I did try that but I didn't see the full effect I was getting without using Pantene.

Overall, it's a great affordable product for those who are looking for something to repair or get healthy looking hair on a budget without going to the high end of things. It gets my approval! 

Have you tried this range or any other Pantene products?!

Love, J

*PR Sent for Consideration. This has not effected my opinion and thoughts on this item. I provide a honest review with all things unbias. For more information please see my disclosure policy. 


  1. Great reviews! ^^ I'm using this shampoo & conditioner at the moment and I was actually shocked at how light my hair felt after the first wash!
    I think I may try out the Split End Fuser in the future... I have a heap of split ends that I would love to repair. I hate how they keep coming back... even after I get a haircut! :(

  2. This looks really good, I will definitely go try it out sometime :)


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