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So I thought I'll share with you guys what my beauty/skincare regime consist of and also along with a little insight to my beauty favourites? I thought I'll fill this space up since I've been so busy and I know I haven't been posting that much cause of Uni.

This was taken from Reeseatomic's blog :) It's not really a tag or anything but I thought I'll do one really quickly before I head right on studying for my ISIC test tomorrow. *sigh* Also I've been sick too... Still am. For those who want to keep up with me or anything. Follow me on Instagram (jolinemelina). I'm always on instagram and twitter.

What Five beauty products could you not live without?
1. My Make Up Forever HD Foundation - Heaven Sent product. The best foundation I have ever used and probably my HG to date. I just got this foundation not too long ago from the Sydney Spa & Beauty Expo and I've been using it everyday ever since. Only downside is that my face tends to get a bit oily on the forehead (this is me not using primer) - Review Here
2. Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze - I use this eyeshadow as a base nearly everyday or even so by itself.
3. Skin Food Waterproof Crayon Eyeliner in 01 Black - I use this crayon eyeliner religiously for more than a year and I really need to repurchase this. I can't leave the house without tightlining my eyes with this eyeliner. It's affordable but hard to find. Almost comparable to Chanel's Waterproof Stylo Yeux Eyeliner.
4. MAC Fix+ - A lot of people were saying that this wasn't really anything great and you can get away with spritzing your face with water. I think not, it's sets my make up and mellows out the powdery finish my face has when I have set my foundation and what not. Best thing hands down and I bring it with me for an instant skin refresher spritz. - Review real soon!
5. Mascara - Right now I'm using a variety of mascaras but I cannot live without my eyeliner and mascara!

What’s your daily skincare regime consist of?
Morning: I'm pretty lazy in the morning so I just rinse my face with water... and probably moisturise.
Night: I mainly do this in the shower so I cleanse, exfoliate and also moisturise (out of the shower) and sometimes I'll treat myself to a face mask or whatever.

What does your daily cosmetics regime consist of?
Some days i'll apply my under eye roll on before I do my make up. I do this whilst I'm straightening my hair in the morning. After that I moisturise my face with my Clinique moisturiser or if not I'll skip that and go to my primer. Then it's Foundation, Eye Make Up and then Finishing Powder, Blush, Bronzer & Finishing Spray!

Favourite Beauty treat?
I don't really have a beauty treat but probably face masks?

What’s your favourite beauty store?
There's too many, I use to be a huge Lush fan then that kinda died down my for me... Um... not really sure!

Favourite Premium and Budget brands?
Premium: I love anything from MAC, Clinique, Chanel
Budget: Essence, Maybelline, Garnier

And Hair Care?
Premium: Matrix, GKMBJ
Budget: Pantene, Garnier

What Fragrances do you wear?
I current wear Seductive by Guess and also I like to switch around with Purr from Katy Perry. My signature perfume would be Eau So Fresh from Marc Jacobs.

What’s your “every girl must own one” item?
For me it would be a nude lipstick. My favourite one to date is my Freckletone Lippy from MAC. Love love love.

And finally, best beauty tip?
Not really sure to be honest, but I guess always set your eyeliner with eyeshadow and don't forget to use a setting powder!


  1. Nice post! Thanks for sharing your favorites-- I love posts like this!

  2. Yush! Love the smell of Katy Perry's Purr! I think her Meow smells yummy too.
    Just googled the MAC Freckletone lippie and it's really pretty! I've been looking for a nude lippie. Might drop by the MAC counter to fine me a good match :D
    Hehe, I'll see ya at Defqon!

  3. Love Bad to the Bronze! And I'm coming around to MUFE HD. Despite the fact I have to really take care of my skin and moisturise heavily in advance, I really like the finish and coverage :) And the shade I picked seems like a really good match for my skin tone, which is always a huge plus for foundation.


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