Benefit's Cabana Glama

So I while back, probably around 2 weeks ago or so I received this super quick package I ordered from Benefit. My friend Shela & I ordered the Cabana Glama Kit only because I informed her that it was on sale for $19US on the Benefit website. Considering how much of a bargain it was and how much Shela wanted to try out the Hoola Bronzer, it was an instant impulse buy for us both. 

I placed an order for two of these kits and a week and a half later it arrived! Super quick, way quicker than I expected because I know a lot of people who order from Benefit usually take 2 weeks. I'm impressed!

In this box/set it includes:
  • Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder
  • Benefit Some Kind a Gorgeous The Foundation Faker (Medium shade)
  • Benefit Posietint
  • Eyeshadow Palette (Shades: Peach Fuzz, Bronze Buzz, and Cocoa Pizzazz)
  • Mini Cheek Brush and Double Ended Sponge Applicator
  • Step by Step Get the Look Instructions
The box is super adorable. It comes with a leaflet which looks like postcards as well as instructions on how to use the products altogether. The box where the cosmetics are placed is also removable. 

So far I've been using the eyeshadow colours from this palette to give it a test run and also experiment with colours combined.  
  • Peach Fizz is a iridescent pink, it's an awesome highlight colour and it's looks pretty and chic by itself on the lids.
  • Bronze Fizz has go to be my go-to everyday brown eyeshadow colour. I'm a pretty neutral person when it comes to eyeshadows - I've never really had the courage to pull off any bright colours and hopefully one day I'll experiment and try to pull it off but in the meantime I'm loving this, goes really well with the rest of the 2 eyeshadows.  
  • Cocoa Pizzazz is a colour which I don't really reach for but with this set, all the colours combined makes a wonderful combination on the lids. This adding a little depth on my non-existent hallows of my lids. 

The formulation of the eyeshadow isn't too bad. I feel that it's mediocre, they're very sheer on the first application but very much buildable. The eyeshadows feel creamy and not chalky and cheap. I found that when I foil these eyeshadows they look so much better. So I usually do this with spritzing a bit of the MAC's Fix+ on my Sigma E55 brush with the desired eyeshadow and apply it on the lids.

Some Kind-a Gorgeous is a cream foundation which when applied settles to a powdery velvet finish. Much love for this compact, great for touch ups and all and it's the perfect shade for me! It's mainly the reason why I bought this set in the first place because I didn't want to opt for the full sized compact and wanted something small and compact to carry around.

Hoola Bronzer is probably the best thing in this kit (if you're a huge benefit fan, in my opinion), you get a decent amount of this beautiful bronzer and it's freaking amazing. I had the full size bronzer until I gave it away to a family friend because I felt like I liked the other bronzers I was using more but now I rediscovered my love for this bronzer. 

Posietint is pretty mediocre, it works like a charm on the lips but I'm not too sure about the cheeks. To have the full effect of the tint on the cheeks you gotta work that product quickly or else it will look blouchy if you don't blend it immediately. I love it more as a lip tint. 

If you're a neutral type of girl (like me) this would probably be the kit for you. I'm not 100% sure about the Hoola Bronzer because it can seem a bit dark if you're skin is really fair. But if you're a medium toned person, this would be suitable. Overall, it's benefit's best selling bronzer - it's hard to pass! 

I'm not a huge fan of the applicators in this package so I'm always using my Real Technique / Sigma eye brushes. Feel free to use your fingertips, I won't judge you. 

  • Hoola Bronzer
  • Eyeshadows: Peach Fizz, Bronze Buzz, Cocoa Pizzazz
  • Some Kind A Gorgeous Compact Foundation in: Medium 
  • Lip/Cheek Tint: Posietint

Considering how this was on sale for $19USD and how everything was so compact... it was hard to pass with a bargain like this considering it retails for $54AUD at Myer & David Jones. Perfect as a present as well! Too cute!

Have you tried any other kits from Benefit? 

Love, J


  1. Nice set and great price as well, especially considering how expensive Benefit is in Australia. I definitely would be most interested in Hoola :)

  2. This is such an amazing, Benefit kit. I want!
    - Keyta x


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