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Hi all! I'm back in Sydney! Great to be home and away from the dreaded Melbourne weather! I can finally and properly blog again after an impromptu blog post previously which was just thrown together and I felt like it wasn't up to scratch.

Anywho, I have today some Topshop Goodies which I purchased at Topshop whilst at Melbourne. I was about to head to the MAC Pro store on Chapel Street to get a MAC Lipstick in Morange but contemplating paying $36 for just one whilst I can get 2 lippies somewhere else and all. After trying it on at Chadstone and falling in love with the colour, instead I opted for a cheaper version and also something somewhat similar in quality and colour. I wasn't really looking for a dupe but coming across these lipsticks and hearing that MAC manufactures Topshop Cosmetics, I knew I needed to get them!

The two topshop lippies I have is Infrared and Fire Cracker. To me Infrared is probably and nearly a close dupe for Morange, but I wouldn't say it 99% I wasn't really buying the colours for the dupes and I wasn't necessary going to pick it up, but seeing how it was so much similar to MAC Morange I just picked it up the lippies and used it ever since and loved everything about it.

Fire Cracker reminds me of MAC's Lady Danger but I believe they're somewhat a bit different on the lips but nevertheless they're nearly comparable. I wore Fire Cracker and a lady asked me if I was wearing Lady Danger when I was in the MAC store. Don't rely on my words to say they're exact dupes, but this is from observation and what I've swatched and wore on my lips. 

Fire Cracker and Infrared. 

The longevity of the lipsticks are pretty good, they're quality is pretty comparable to MAC lipsticks (considering that they're made by the same company). If you've own a MAC Lipstick then you know what I'm talking about. Despite the signature vanilla scent you get from the MAC Lipsticks, they last 3-4 hours wear on the lips and even after eating they don't completely go away. Obviously, with all lipsticks that's normal. As for the feel, they're nice and also matte - if you have dry lips you may want to apply some lip balm as applying on without any moisture may allow the lipstick to settle on the cracks on your lips and also emphasize the dryness (which we don't want and that is yuck!)

I also picked up a Creme Blush since I wanted something that will last longer on my face, I chose this nice natural Peachy Pink colour called Head Over Heels and I felt like I had to apply so much product to get the colour showing on my skin - which was okay because it's buildable!

Blush: Head Over Heels, Infrared, Fire Cracker

Overall, I'm satisfied with the cosmetics I got from Topshop, I would definitely repurchase these items considering how awesome they are!

The Lipsticks were $15AU each and the Blush was $12. So far, exceptional quality and also they're Made in Italy so you know you're getting quality right there. 

Know any good Topshop Lip Colours? 

Love, J


  1. Wow all the colours look gorgeous!

  2. When I first went to Topshop I also bought their blush ... more as a momentum to commemorate my first visit to Topshop because none of their clothing at the time was exciting for me. I have Neon Rose and I'd recommend it as your next purchase :) It gives a wonderful flush!

  3. Head over Heels is such a pretty orange and for $12 its seems great! I think it would look lovely your cheeks =) I haven't seen any stockist here in Sydney that sell Top Shop makeup...


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