Collective Haul: Melbourne

Melbourne has been awesome for shopping with not so awesome weather, it has sucked sooooo bad that I miss Sydney. 

In a nutshell (if I can put it that way)?! It has been nothing but constant shopping from dawn to dusk (not literally though), visiting family and making new friends, my clubbing/nightlife experience at Melbourne (I gotta say Sydney has a better nightlife) and also enjoying some home cooking with the family. 

If I could rant about Melbourne I shall say... 
  • People were so right about how rude the service is at MAC, Mecca (especially) and also other make-up stands in Myers/David Jones. Let alone the clothing boutiques and all - but could I also say how they can possibly be selective when it comes to customers ie. because I'm Asian? Not racial. 
  • The weather sucks so bad, it's heaps cold and I just despise rain... meh. 
  • I spend so much on your stupid MyKi (Melbourne's public transport system thingo-ma-bob for fares) but kudos to your idea because Sydney could use something like that.
  • The nightclub here have the most TRASHIEST girls. Sydney's classier. (Y)

Anywho enough rant and down to what is the whole purpose of this post... (You might see repeats of items in photos - which wasn't suppose to happen but yeah...)

My Forever21 package arrived on my doorstep luckily before I was heading out the airport so I grabbed 3 of the items from my package. These were: The Blazer, Blue Black Jeans (not pictured) and the Love & Beauty Glitter Polish. Back at home I left this blue blouse and also a pair of high waisted denim shorts which I didn't want to add to my luggage.

It was a gloomy wet day as I headed off to Melbourne, surprisingly my flight with Tiger Airways was alright. I caught the Skybus like a lost tourist and made my way to Southern Cross Station to meet up with my cousin.

The next day, I went shopping is ALWAYS a must here when I'm in Melbourne. For some odd reason we have similar things but we do not have a wider selection on items. 

I visited the infamous Topshop and to my knowledge it was somewhat just a blown up version of Dotti and a step-up of Valleygirl and kinda like Sportsgirl, so I'm not missing out on much honestly. Nothing so so interesting to be honest - besides having the Topshop label and the idea that there also Topman there all in one store. Disappointing enough, I bought two lippies and blush which I am adoring and wearing everyday. Someone told me that MAC makes Topshop Lippies and I think whoever told me that was so right. Their quality is sooooo good and I'm so glad I picked them up. (A full in depth review on those items later). 

I also popped into Steve Madden where I picked up some really cute black heels for just going out and formal events. Popped into this random boutique which stocks MinkPink clothes and got myself this awesome neon orangey collared top (which i'm admiring so so much right now). Grabbed myself a pair of 'Grab' denim jeans (in Black) was $120 down to $50 - SCORE! I always 'grab' something from Grab EVERYTIME I'm here in Melbourne and they're awesome quality for jeans. Also pictured is this collared necklace I got from eBay which I got it sent to my cousins and it was $5, not awesome quality but still decent. It broke & I had to fix up the hinge but all good. 

Also, visited Mecca which is nearly on every corner here in Melbourne and also the MAC Pro Store on Chapel.  I also went to some awesome places to eat the other day when I was Op Shopping at Brunswick and grabbed some goodies like Sportsgirl Nail Polish in Smoke (which I'll do a in-depth review later), The Face Shop Nail Polish in this mysterious bluey sparkly colour which I will review soon as well, A Typo iPad Case which can also be used as a clutch (Snagged it for $5!) and some jewellery from Aldo & Colette.

In all seriousness - Chadstone, Chapel Street and probably the DFO's (South Wharf especially) is a must stop pit stop for me. I always find myself ending up at these places in Melbourne. Let alone, finding items which I would never come close to finding back at Sydney. 

I'm so glad I got to blog and access to a laptop because I only brought my iPad. Gahhhhhhhh!! I can't wait to get back home to Sydney and blog properly and get back to work (because I'm broke as a bitch right now). There's so much to write about and so little time so I'm gonna do the best I can for now. More photos up later because I gotta watermark them and right now the watermarking is so hideous. Keep your eyes out for my reviews on the beauty items I purchased!

Love, J


  1. Woo can't wait to read your review on the Topshop beauty products! I was tempted to get some yesterday when I was there but I stopped myself. You're right about Topshop being nothing special though lol, seriously they had dresses selling for like $20 - which is really cheap and all but that's something I'd expect from Dotti like you said. Topshop is meant to be a bit more up there, kinda like Zara. But yeaaah.
    And I apologise on behalf of the unforgiving skies for the terrible weather haha. At least it's been okay yesterday and today right!!

  2. When I saw the F21 items, I thought you got them in Melbourne and I almost freaked out! I mean, how could I not know there was a F21 here?!?!?! Then I realised that you ordered it online... I've wanted to order from them for a while, but the shipping is crazy expensive :S
    I agree with the weather sucking in Melbourne at the moment too... I'm so sick of freezing my ass off here! I can't wait until Summer.


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