Australis Killer Curves Mascara

I apologise for this really late review of this Australis Mascara, I want to avoid reviewing mascaras as much as possible because I dread taking eye shots because they never come out right! Anywho, I got an exciting Australis Mascara to review today!

Australis Killer Curves Mascara is packaged in a hot pink tube and promises the ultimate lash curl. The ultra-sleek packaging and curved silicone brush means super curled lashes without having to use a curling wand. It lifts, curls and holds lashes into place with a warm wash-off formula. The wash-off formula also saves time when removing make-up. 

Here are some previews. I couldn't take one with my eyes open because my camera wasn't focusing so the best shots I could take were on my iphone. 

Without Mascara & With Mascara

Available: Blackest Black and Black/Brown
RRP: $12.95
Can be found at Priceline, Big W, Target & All other retailers that stock Australis. 

Overall, I give it a 4/5. 

It somewhat holds the curl (like it claims and also which I like, because we're all looking for something that won't droop) but after a while I found it did droop a down a bit (considering if you've put more than 3 layers). 

It gives good length and volume but considering that I have short straight lashes I think it gives a more better effect for those who have naturally long lashes. If you have stubby asian lashes like me, you get a good natural eyelash effect with this mascara and could see some length and volume. If you don't, you can easily build the volume on your lashes easily without any major clumps which is awesome! But beware of spider lashes, unless you like that.

I did have a high expectation of a dramatic curl of my lashes, and while the mascara did give my lashes a nice, clean and defined daytime look with definite curl, I wouldn’t call it a killer look. All in all this is a mascara, which is good for every wear, but I would not say that it’s the best one I’ve tried. But at only $12.95, it is still a bargain buy that won't break the bank. 

I have very short, straight lashes so I'll always try any kind of curling mascara. Killer Curves gave a nice, clean and defined daytime look with definite curl, but lacks the wow factor of some other brands curling mascaras.

Any other Australis Mascara's you have used and love? 

Love, J

*PR Sent for Consideration. All my opinions are my own and this product was sent for an honest review. For more information please see my disclosure policy. 


  1. Nice review!
    I'm still trying to find the perfect mascara for my asian lashes too.
    I've heard the falsies work well for some people but if it's a wet formula, wouldn't it make the lashes droop?

    1. So far i'm using Maybelline Great Lash LOL and it is a wet formula. So far I'm loving it though! Will do a review on the Great Lash soon :D

  2. Love your header! The mascara looks interesting! :)


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