Lush Porridge Soap

So it's another soap added to my little family of Lush Soaps that I've been slowly collecting and loving! I started off by trying out 'Honey I Washed The Kids' and 'Bohemian' - I still adore them both but I find myself using my Honey I Washed The Kids one much more! (I'm already on my second bar!)

Today, with my trip to the city with the boyfriend and also meeting up with my friend Cathy. We had our un miss-able lunch at Takumi Sushi Train - awesome sushi train place which I absolutely adore in the City.

After getting over $100+ in Nespresso Capsules with Lorenzo and driftly walking through Westfield Sydney, we popped by Lush before making our way home via train. I didn't really have any intention to buy but Lush is always a must place pit stop when I'm at the City.

I really wanted to get a Solid Shampoo for Dandruff but not a fan of the scent of the Soak & Float Solid Shampoo. I opted for a sample of Rehab Liquid Shampoo in which the Sales Assistant recommended for me. I really like the mint scent and feel -  When I use it it has this unique fresh cleansing feeling (I suppose it's from the Mint) I get from using it as opposed to other shampoos I've used in the past. I love how it has Olive Oil (moisturising and makes the hair silky) as well as it does not contain any harsh chemical and is made from organic and cruelty-free products.

To add for my huge admiration towards Lush, I love any that has a good scent. Reason why I've bought so many Lush products only to find that each product has a destinctive scent that I keep coming back to and repurchase every time! Not only that, but as mentioned - it's natural (which I love) and cruelty free! Meaning, no nasty things!

FINALLY, to the soap. I picked up this Porridge Soap because... I honestly loved the scent of it. I was in the Lush store a couple of days before when I was at Work and decided to come back to buy it another time. That 'come back and buy it another time' was today. Oats claim to be soothing for the skin and this is ideal for sensitive skin. The scent is irresistible to everyone else! The oats will sooth the skin and will gently exfoliate, while orange juice (contained) is refreshing and naturally toning. 

In the shower, I lather it upon my problematic areas of my skin. Mainly my left elbow, my ankles and my legs. Because they're really dry, and my elbow and my ankles have some scabbing (from scratching) and also a little scarring. 

I remember the Sales Assistant told me it's great for Winter because it's moisturising and refreshing, which definitely... it is! I love how it feels on my skin after I come out of the shower because it's so hydrated and smooth! 

The major factor for purchasing this soap is the scent and also the the idea that Oats are soothing for the skin. I was drawn to it when I walked into the store and knew I had to grab myself a 100g of this Porridge Soap. I highly recommend it and urge you to have a look at Lush next time you see one! 

Love. J

Disclaimer: I am not paid or afflicted with any of the products mentioned in this post. All items in this posted are purchased by me with my own money. I have not been reimbursed in any way. For more information see my Disclosure Policy. 


  1. Ive never tried the lush soaps before, good thing i found your blog i'm in this phases where i keep wanting to try out new products, will definitely want to try out their soaps!

    xo kerker
    The Ugly Moments

  2. Lush soaps are awesome!
    The smell inside the store is always overwhelming though xD


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