Doubling Up? Concealer and Tinted Moisturisers

This post was requested by Vanessa and I also realised I haven't done a Concealer post! She wanted to review some concealers which I really, don't have many or use. I'm not a huge concealer person but I usually double up my tinted moisturiser or foundation as a concealer because my skin is merely blemished. But I think after this post I'll probably start using my Benefit Erase Paste for my under eyes. I always look like I have panda eyes... probably it's the eyeliner...BUT I'M GOING TO USE IT THIS TIME!

I have here is my MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC25 and Benefit's Erase Paste in Medium 2 (For reference I am a MAC NC25) 

Since I mentioned I don't really use concealer, I think I tend to head towards more to the Benefit Concealer. I like how it brightens up my under eye circles and covers up any obvious blemishes that can't be covered up by foundation. 

A cheaper alternative to these concealers would be Maybelline's Range of Concealers. I previously owned two concealers (in which I believe are now discontinued) but I urge you to check them out when you're at the shops. My tip for finding the right concealer is to find one a little lighter than your skin tone, probably a shade lighter. For my MAC Studio Fix Concealer I was such a noob and bought one the exact same colour as my foundation colour - It's not much of a big deal but it's best to go lighter in order to obviously, brighten up or easily cover blemishes etc. 

I believe the MAC Studio Fix Concealer is discontinued? (Correct me if I'm wrong - because I can't find it on the MAC Australia website - Maybe it's not) But from memory I got it for $30AU? 

As for the Benefit Erase Paste (which I adore) I believe it is $26US, I forgot to mention that I use Benefit's POREfessional over everything! I double it up when I cover up my pores and also use it as a concealer! (Uh, Silly me! It just hit me!) But yes, Benefit's POREfessional is pricey. Coming at a $52AU - I have a post about it here 

But for the majority of the time, I just double up my Garnier Tinted Moisturiser as a concealer. Still works wonderful considering it is a BB cream. 

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm isn't really anything special but I thought I'll throw it in. It's evens out my skin tone, moisturises it and locks in the moisture & it can be used as a primer but I prefer not to. It's wonderful and I'm nearly running out of it! I believe a small 30ml of it is $50AU? I am not 100% sure. 

As for the True Solutions All Day Moisture, great tinted moisturiser by itself. Concealer? Perhaps. Not much to say, kinda the same effects I get from using Garnier as my concealer. Ditto with MAC As well but it's more of a Foundation/Concealer thing for me. Although it's really a Tinted Moisturiser/Foundation - which I adore and love to wear. Evens my skin tone and moisturising! 

Below I have the swatches of the tinted moisturisers, in which you can judge for yourself! Like I said, I double up these like a concealer and still works wonderfully!

I hope you find that post somewhat helpful! And thanks to Vanessa for this request, If you have any other requests feel free to email me, leave a comment on my facebook page (like if you haven't on the side) or even tweet me on twitter! 

Love, J. 

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  1. I do think that certain foundations/BB creams and tinted moisturisers can double up as concealer. I guess it depends on your skin and also what you've done beforehand in terms of priming. I haven't ventured very far into the world of concealer, but I am wanting to try out some products. Thanks for the tip about buying concealer one shade lighter, will keep that in mind :)


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