Model Co, Bloom & Business Cards.

So today the mail man dropped off 3 packages for me, I unexpectedly did not realise that all 3 were for me. But, joy! Who doesn't love receiving mail, especially when it's addressed to them!  

To start off! I received my Free Model Co Colourbox Eye Pencil from Cosmopolitans Model Co Month of Gifts. As Model Co was running a promotion for a month of gifts (1 gift per week), after so long I finally got my Week 1 gift which was a typical black eyeliner pencil. Just what I needed and it was free! It retails for $26. 

Even though I'm not a huge fan of the pencil eyeliner (I tend to use my waterproof crayon one more) it's great to have a pencil one handy, most likely it will be in my make up bag - great for on the go touch ups and etc. 

I also received my order from Bloom Cosmetics and they are my very first Bloom Cosmetics products I ever ordered from them. I took advantage of their 40% Mothers Day Sale a few days back. Kudos to them making this sale. I ended up spending $17 (including postage - for 2 lip balms ($6.95 each + $3 something for postage - this was all after the 40% though.) I wish there was some coupon code that I could use to purchase more from Bloom that probably ended til the end of this month. 

Anywho, I bought these two lip balms and I was a bit hesitant considering that I've never paid more than $4 for lip balm, but these... I just had to get them. I've tried looking for them at my local Myer (because I know they stock Bloom Cosmetics there) I also went to David Jones and I could not find these lip balms in sight! 

So... I just had to buy it off their website and I did not like the idea of paying the same amount for postage when the product is nearly as the same price (if you know what I mean). But, luckily the 40% off sale was there (1 day only too... poo.)

Nevertheless, One was for myself (Mango Tango) and the other one was for my friend Shela. I bought her the Watermelon one in doubts that the balm was actually red coloured (since that is her favourite colour) but it was just a typical lip balm colour.... I can't describe it. Look like wax?! LOL (oh of course...)

The Lip Balms are part of their Boost Lip Balm Range. Reason being is that... it comes in six mouth-watering flavours taken from the most popular Boost Juice smoothies and combined with soothing beeswax, nourishing jojoba seed oil and moisturising vitamin E. 

I must admit, I think I will buy another Watermelon one for myself (probably when my mango one runs out). The Mango Tango lip balm smells nice but the Watermelon one is much more prominent and much more 'Watermelon' like, as opposed to the Mango one. UH, I AM JELLY. I gave that away! But, I'm going to enjoy using my lip balm - it's super cute and handy to carry around. I have all these random lip balms at home that I don't use and I know I will definitely use this little cutie. 

Bloom also gave me this little sample of their Nourishing Hand Cream which is part of their Organics range. I love it! Though, I don't really use hand creams but generous sample from them!

The final verdict for this lip balm is just that - it's really moisturising and also smells pleasant on application. I'm a huge sucker for packaging, so this little thing was a must for me. They cost $6.95 each and they're about 6cm (2 inches) in height. (So tiny and oh so adorable! Ha!). A bit pricey for just a lip balm but so worth it.  Bloom Cosmetics is only available in Australia in David Jones & Myer Stores but you can purchase their products on their website.

What also came in the mail today was my business cards I made for the upcoming blogger events/miscellaneous things I'll be attending! I can't wait to attend my very first blogger event (technically a morning tea fundraiser - but I know a whole heap of beauty bloggers will be there!) 

I decided to make these business cards to pass around when I go to these events and also just to friends and family. Today, at Uni my friend Shela was more excited than I am because she wanted to see the end product of my card. I am extremely happy with the result and would like to thank Vista Print for producing nice quality and affordable cards! 

The minimum I could order was 250 cards from them which was $16 (for the cards) + $18 for delivery within 7 days (but I got mine in 3-4 days). I know 250 cards is a lot I only wanted roughly 100 but I hope these cards will go to good use. I've already given out around 10 already and everyone really likes the design! (Thanks!) hehehe. 

Anywho, I shall be back soon - I've been constantly bombarded with Uni. (The usual) 
Til later!

Love, J. 

Disclaimer: All of the products mentioned here and purchased with my own money or have been given for free. All my opinions are honest and also factual. For more information see my Disclosure Policy

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  1. I missed the 40% off sale for Bloom - One of my favourite items from Bloom is their travel kit blush brush that came as part of a set.


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