Lust Haves: Nars Blush, Highlighter, Bronzer

I went to Mecca Cosmetica at The Galleries, Victoria at the City on Tuesday. I just had to try out these NARS Powders because I've heard so much about them and I've never gotten around to trying them. 

Nars Albatross - Highlighter & Swatch 

I'm currently lusting over Albatross so much, because I'm in need of a really good highlighter. I tried this swatch at the Mecca Cosmetica store and fell in love with it. I love the reflective gold shimmer it contains within the powder itself - love love love it. 

Nars Luster - Blush & Swatch

Nars Luster is probably what I always wanted in a blush. I'm not a fan of pink, red or coral blushes... Well this is somewhat like it... but I love peachy colours?! Nevertheless, I love Luster. I admire it so so so much. Perfect everyday blush in my opinion and sooooo for me!

Nars Casino - Bronzer & Swatch

I love this bronzer when I swatched it. It's better than the most talked about Nars bronzer Laguna in which I also swatched as well. I love Casino more, I can't really put my finger on why it's better - Probably the shade is much more lighter and has little specks of glitter which I admire (in some case most people do not like glitter) It's not obvious glitter but does provide a little gleam-ness when applied. I found that with the Laguna it does not really show up for me on one swatch (and I am an NC25) but I love this. 

Overall, these blushes, highlighter (also part of the blushes) as well as the bronzer are $55AU at Mecca Cosmetica. 

They're $28US on Sephora from what I know (For Albatross and Luster) and $32US for the Casino bronzer. 

I'll be keeping my eyes on these and hoping I can purchase these real soon! 
P.S. My birthday is in August... so if I don't get these in time I would love these a present! (just a hint hehehe) 

Love, J. 

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  1. o0o0o this is a really interesting post because I love blush highlighters!
    The first NARS one looks very nice :)


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