May's Edition: Lust Have It

So last Thursday morning I didn't expect this box to come so early, usually my box comes late but I'm actually glad I got it nearly half way of the month. I really like this months LHI Box. I love how they have a make up pouch instead of a box, which is really neat. 

So... let's get down to the products!

We Have...

Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty Perfume Vial Sample
Caron Bump Erasier Medi Paste
Evo The Therapist Shampoo & Conditioner
Model Co Lip Gloss in Strip Tease
Bioderma Crealine H20 - I was so excited to get this but then saw how small it was :( 
Nicole by OPI
Lust Soap from Lush

Why do I love this months box? They're mainly high end items and also things I love and would use! I'm not a huge fan of the lip gloss but meh. I like the colour!

Model Co's 'Strip Tease' Lip Gloss is mediocre, I've been using it the past week for work and uni, lovely sheer light pink lip gloss. Nothing too pigmented it's so sheer it's nearly clear! With.. a tiny hint of pink. Super wearable and also can be layered on top of any lipstick. The mirror is also a plus and useful too!

I'm so happy I received a Lush Soap this month, this will be my 5th Soap I have from Lush! I haven't tried the LUST Soap I received yet but it smells like Jasmine which is awesomeeeeee!

The Bioderma Crealine H20 make up remover is freaking like awesome water for your face. It's really expensive and made in France. I wanted to buy a 500ml bottle on eBay turns out to be $35 (and thats already considered cheap) 

I remember one of the youtube beauty gurus I watch on youtube 'Style Suzi' uses it and loves it. I love it too and also seen it everywhere! So keen to buy a 500ml bottle! 

Nicole by OPI is lovely, I don't have a purple nail polish to be exact so this is awesome!

I can't wait to try out the Caron Bump Eraiser - It's prevents and eliminates ingrown hairs, perfect for the underarms. 

The Evo Shampoo & Conditioner, I can't wait to use it and the packaging is so adorable!

As for the CK Sheer Beauty Perfume, it's lovely but I wouldn't go out to buy it. It's perfect to carry around, I love little perfume samples. I wish I could get more for free!

This months box was so worth paying $14.95 p/m for it. I hope June's LHI box is as great as this!

Also, I finally got my NARS Albartross Highlighter Powder, along with a Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. I can't wait when they come from Canada! Shall do a review on that later! 

Til Later.

Love, J. 


  1. nice stuff this month! I really want to try that lip gloss! I really shud go to Lush and try their stuff too!

  2. just a little tip, you can get the Crealine H20 on for cheaper, i always have at least 2 bottles in stock cause ive been using it since i started wearing makeup. you should also try Sébium H2O cause it removes mascara a tad better.

    you can also get it at myers for around the 35$ mark when they have their sales

    1. Oh, Thanks Catherine! Where in Myer's can you get it? I never see it :(

    2. i use to always get it at the pitt st myers but been buying it on sasa for the last 2 years or so cause they have it for cheaper and since i order off there every month or so it just more convenient for me
      david jones has it too but they only stock the Sébium H2O one because apparently its more suited for aust weather. plus i think its more expensive in djs

  3. I bought the bump eraiser, but haven't tried it yet! :o


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