Target Haul: Essence & Target Wipes

So on Friday, before Uni I headed to my local Target store to grab some Essence goodies. I was in search for one blush (which I have now) because it's somewhat a dupe for the NARS Luster one I've been lusting over! Without the $38US price tag (with shipping) for the NARS Luster one, I paid $4.95 for this amazing blush! I've been eyeing a peachy/orangey blush just for an everyday use and I fell in love with the formula of this blush. The packaging is flimsy but it will do. 

The Essence Silky Touch Blush in Secret It Girl is my favourite blush colour at the moment. I also picked up Essence Forget It! Concealer Palette and it's pretty good! Essence products never fail to impress me with their quality, formula and also their price! One con I must add is that when I bought these two: Concealer & Blusher - they were sticky taped. I know that it prevents people from damaging and trying out new products in store but it left ugly residue and all... (pictures below) other than that. Love it! 

I also grabbed some nail polishes and yeah, the wipes as well. They're target branded and they're made in europe. The facial wipes were only $2.25 and the Hand Wipes was $1.50.

You can see the sticky tape and the label at the back of the blusher is uneven because I had to sticky tape it back on :(

Also, grabbed some nail polishes for $2.55 each! The green one reminds me of China Glaze's Refresh Mint in a way, but when swatched next to For Audrey - it's lighter. Can't wait to try it!

Also a typical black nail polish that I don't have and will add to my nail polish collection. 

Left to right: 
Swatched - Secret It Girl then Blended 

If you look at the image above for the concealer, pink is for the undereyes, green is for redness and the beige is for blemishes. 

Overall, I cannot stress how much I love these products! 
You can find Essence in Australia at Target stores. They have a very limited range in cosmetics because they tend to run out quick. I found that I had to go to 2-3 target stores to find items in Sydney. 

I might be doing a giveaway with the Blush and the Concealer since I bought one of each today! 

Love, J


  1. I've heard so many great things abt Essence but I don't OWN any particularly good ones... I only own 2 of their eyeliners (which I don't find to be very creamy at all :/) and one of their mascara (too wet).
    :O I've never seen that concealer before! Looks interesting!
    I wanna try their blush and eyeshadow but the target I go to has just one small section and it's always low on stock and most of them are touched already!

  2. I'm falling more and more in love with Essence with everything of theirs I try. Gorgeous blog, lovely. (: x

  3. Omgsh the highlighter colours are so pretty ! I've been eyeing Nars for a while now so I might try this essence one :P


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