Brush On Falsies?! Model Co Fibre Lash Mascara.

So yesterday morning on my way back from the Airport, I dropped by my local corner shop/newsagent and I was browsing in the Magazine section and saw this Model Co Lash Fibre Mascara with this months (April) current issue of Cleo. I was looking up Too Face's Better Than False Lashes the night before and after watching some reviews (some were good, some were bad) and all I thought I really wanted to try it and thought about getting one. Considering that I naturally have short and very thin eyelashes, I knew I had to get my hands on this considering it's $7.95 with the magazine... well technically the mascara is $48 (It says $35, for this travel size version) but you can have a look at it here on the Model Co Website

According to this Model Co Mascara, basically the fibre lashes just give that false eyelash effect without applying falsies and since I've been on a life long search to find anything that makes my lashes longer and thicker, I didn't want to fork out so much on just 1 mascara but instead get this so called Freebie with a Magazine and I say it's worth paying $7.95 for the product as well as a little read from Cleo. 

The fibres remind me of insulation on the roofs or perhaps when you take apart a cotton ball look. 

Basically, you apply the extension mascara which looks like your typical black mascara, then apply the fibres and then reapply the mascara. I tried this out with my Dior Extase Mascara and used the fibres along with it - it has the same effect. So I'm going to discontinue using the mascara it came along with it. 

The fibres just stick to your lashes and acts like they're just extra eyelashes that slightly and merely amplify your lashes. I say it sort of works, I'm just borderline satisfied. It give a slight touch of a natural falsies look but not to the point where it looks dramatic, I would say it gives your lashes a little kick but not too much kick LOL. I suppose you wouldn't get a whole dramatic effect with this mascara unless you have naturally long or thick lashes. I think you can achieve the same effect if you piled heaps of layers of mascara. 

Would I repurchase this product? No. I don't think it's worth paying $48 or $35 (whichever one) because I honestly think you're just paying for the fibres. 

Luckily I got this for what, $7.95 with a magazine to try out. I wish I could find just the fibres because that would be great. If anyone knows where I can just get the fibres please let me know via email or comment below! 

Til Later, Happy Reading!

Love, J 


  1. A brand called Fiberwig started it. I used something else back in the day and it cost me $20 - way before Model Co and everyone copied it. $45 is far too exy for something that's been around for years!!!

  2. I haven't tried this travel size that comes in Cleo yet but I've been using Fibre Lash for a while now. I'd say that you get 40-50 uses out of it (the standard size) which means it will cost me around $1 per use. For my lashes they work wonders and look natural but I could say that I my lashes have natural volume hoever are not very long.


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