Sportsgirl Goodies!

This is my first time purchasing anything from Sportsgirl, to be honest. I don't think I've ever bought any clothes there or anything in particular from memory. But of course, the beauty section of Sportsgirl has been talked about and I just wanted to check out their products! On Saturday, I stumbled across Sportsgirl and I had to get these two items. I've been eyeing them for a while and decided to give in and grab them! I also bumped into Amanda, who works at Sportsgirl! She also served me and gave me a discount! So thanks so much Amanda and also meeting her!! :) 

So here I have Sportsgirl Scrub Up Body Exfoliator in Vanilla and Sportsgirl's Pout Line Lip Liner in 'All About You'. 

Don't get me wrong, Sportsgirl's beauty products are preeeeeeetty good! People may often have their doubts of products/brands about fashion retailers having their own beauty line and the fact that it won't deliver the same quality like mainstream products. 

I think Sportsgirl's beauty products live up to their standard and just as good as any other mainstream products out there! I remember buying nail polish from Supre and it was horrible. But unlike these products I bought from Sportsgirl - I am madly in love with them!

Why? So earlier, I tried the Scrub Up Exfoliator in the shower. Boy, it was awesome! It makes my skin so smooth and it smells fantastic! I can't wait to see the long term effects using this and it's so awesome that it's contains Macadamia Oil. 

Macadamia is an excellent protective oil that protects and heals skin blemishes such as scars, sunburn, minor wounds and other irritations. The high absorption rate gives greater moisturising properties - awesome right?! I also use Macadamia Oil Shampoo which I've been using for 3 Months (links to my post about Macadamia Oil Shampoo) and the smell and the texture of my hair is awesome! 

The Pout Liner is awesome! It's my very first Lip Liner and I thought i'll give it a try. I am so glad i chose this colour because it is freaking awesome! It's the perfect nude I've been searching for and also I can use this liner with any other lipstick and just disguise it - without using separate lip liner colour!

I love the colour and I mean LOVE LOVE LOVE. I'm thinking of getting the lipstick because I'm so madly in love with it. I love how this lipliner has a brush so it makes application on the lips easier and also you can wear it alone as a long-lasting lipstick (I suppose). 

Have you used any Sportsgirl products? And which ones do you love/recommend?! I would love to hear your comments about it and I will gladly read every single one of them! Til later!

Love, J.

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  1. I've heard the Sportsgirl eyeliner was pretty good!
    As well as their lip glosses :)


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