Elf & Essence Eyeshadow Primers.

So in the mail yesterday from Uni, I got my Elf Eyelid Primer in Golden. It's quite similar to Urban Decay's Greed Primer Potion (from judgement) but I've compared it with Essence Eyeshadow Base which I got from Target a few weeks back.  

Elf's Eyelid Primer is probably the size of an Average Mascara. 

The applicator and the packaging looks pretty cheap but... hey it's only $1 in the US - So no high expectations there!

L2R: Elf's Eyelid Primer, Essence Eyeshadow Base, No Primer. 

Swatched here is Snakebite from my Naked 2 Palette. 

I'm impressed with the elf eyelid primer. It was roughly $5-6~ from eBay (with shipping and all) and I believe in the US it's only $1 at drugstores... Also, I haven't seen Elf anywhere in Sydney so I had to get it online. I say it's worth it?! Considering it's worth $1 in the US. Only because the amount of product you get is quite little. 

The shadow goes well and I wore it yesterday to Uni and it was intact! 8 hours and it's still there! Though my eyelids were still oily - it managed to last longer than Essence. I suppose it shows up more on my swatch above as opposed to the Essence one which is just plain white. Overall, I would repurchase this product. I love it! And I've read reviews online about Elf's EP and that it's nearly as comparable to Urban Decay's Primer Potion and that it's a fraction of the price! 

I also... bought Urban Decay's Primer Potion in Original. Waiting for it to come in mail the next 2 weeks or so! So excited! Because Urban Decay's one holds up to 24hours (from what I read) so that's a huge plus! And it's the best Primer on the market so... Why not!? 

For me, I'm not a huge/heavy eyeshadow wearer but I do apply black eyeshadow and line my eyes with the other shimmery gold's on my Naked 2 Palette to make a sort of Gradient/Thinner Eyeshadow Application in Eyeliner form if that makes sense. But I do want my eyeliner to last longer so hopefully it will give me that lasting power and also help with the oilyness of my eyelids.

Here is a comparison between Elf & Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primers. I love the golden sheen to Elf's Eyelid Primer which is probably comparable to UDPP in Greed. (There's also 4 different colours I believe - Just like Urban Decay's Primer Potions)  

Elf's Eyelid Primer 
L2R: Pearl, Golden, Champagne, Sheer

Urban Decay Primer Potion
L2D: Original, Sin, Eden, Greed 

Here's a comparable swatch which I obtained from Glostix's. 

(Source: Glostix)

I hope you found this helpful and I will probably make a post about UDPP?! I don't know. There's too many out there but let me know if you want me to! I probably might anyways!

Love, J. 


  1. I really like elf primers. the price is great and they are really good. x

  2. Elf and UD primers are the best <3

    Turtle <3


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