Recent Purchases!

So I've grabbed some things over the weekend. It's not much but I thought I would share! 
I finally got myself a new face primer because I really disliked my Face Of Australia Face Base Primer with SPF 15 - because it just felt like moisturiser and I felt like it didn't hold my make up in place. I bought one before without SPF 15 and it worked okay. But after my cousin from Melbourne introduced me to Natio's products as well as trying on this primer myself (in which she uses) I was sold! 

I bought this Natio Ageless Illuminating Primer for $16.95 at Priceline as well as ORLY Nail Polish in Sapphire Luck for $4.95, after the appealing 'galaxy swirl' colour in the bottle (which isn't really noticeable in this picture) I knew I just had to get it! As well as the fact that it's a unique blueish colour and I could use a change from all the neutral nail polish colours I have from OPI. 

Also pictured here is my NYX Mosaic Powder in Highlighter 01 which arrived in the mail around a couple of days ago from America. I bought this on eBay roughly $10AUD with postage and I wanted to try a highlighter as well as build up my make-up collection (consisting of the essentials). 

Also added upon my recent purchases is this! I've bought heaps of these in the past and thought I'd share with you which these handy wipes which I use. I have those ordinary Wet One Wipes/Kleenex ones where you put in the bag. But this cup of Antibacterial Wipes (for 25 wipes) is only $2 from Big W! You get more than those Wet One's/Kleenex ones which are the same price but you get lesser wipes. I always buy the bigger size (which is 50 wipes) in a different cylindrical packaging but my local Big W always runs out of them! So I stocked up on these and I just use them to wipe my hands/makeup/spot clean my brushes and what not! So handy! 


Also got these organising thingys?! From Rubi for $5. 

The black one is used as my pencil case for Uni, The White one for my Make Up on the go and the Pink one with my bus tickets to Uni, Keys & Coins. 


I also grabbed these cute bracelets which support kids in Africa. Got them for a $1 and they're so cute!

I'll do a review on my products soon as well as other upcoming post. I'm totally swamped with work from Uni. :( 

Love, J.

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  1. is the Beauty in the Bag promotion still on in Priceline? :P


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