Saturday Therapy.

So yesterday, I went to Parramatta Westfields with the boyfriend just to get my new jeans and also for him to get new shoes! I needed some retail therapy after a long week of studiousness from Uni. And also... since my two pairs of jeans decided to make holes in them and decided to ruin themselves LOL - I needed new ones asap. 

I grabbed these new Dr Denim Arlene High Waisted Skinnies from General Pants Co. just for everyday wear to Uni / Outings and whatnot. After trying on many Wrangler, Lee's, Levi's and other miscellaneous jeans I resulted to this! Happy I got a decent pair of jeans and hopefully these will last a very long time considering I paid $149 for this pair. To be honest, I think it's the most expensive piece of clothing (Yes, I guess you can say I'm a savvy shopper... LOL) I have besides my dress from Seduce and my Nike Sneakers. But I'm one happy camper now! 

Also I grabbed some goodies from Sportsgirl in which I will do a seperate post about the two! So excited to share with you guys about Sportsgirl's Beauty Products! 

So today, wasn't all just shopping and as usual. I didn't come home with heaps and heaps of bags. Just two, the jeans and the beauty goods from Sportsgirl. Though Lorenzo & I went through so many clothing stores and also grabbed some new Lacoste shoes for him as well. We went through various shops just browsing through clothes (for myself) to find everything disappointing and everything in my size is gone. 

We also popped into Toys R Us (ew my old place of work) and just had a browse around at Toys and immaturely played with Toys and also found some interesting things in there as well... 

I couldn't help but laugh at this boy in whatever suit he is wearing... I think it looks pretty ridiculous LOL. Oh poor kid... and guys!!! Look what I found! Sea Monkeys!!! Yeah, probably I just found out they still sell these but when I was working at Toys R Us last year, these were nowhere to be found! It was only $19.99 at Toys R Us and Lorenzo was considering of getting them - I told him not to. HAHAHA I'm sucha pooper. So after browsing around and all we had lunch at Sushi Bay and it was pretty mediocre. I love the Sushi Train (Takumi) at Market City - That place has Agedashi Tofu and Okonomiyaki!! When Sushi Bay doesn't and to be anymore asian, they're a bit pricey... Okay various prices... but the one at Takumi is only $2.50 a dish (with a student card, $3 without) and they have a better variety!!! Anywho, I ordered Tempura Udon which was $8.50... I mean I didn't expect a WOW from the Udon but meh, I think I would've settled off with a bowl of Pho from Cabramatta instead but whatever! I still liked it. 

Lorenzo and I just gave in to various Sushi Dishes on the conveyer belt and you know the typical. 

After we treated ourselves to Mother's Crepe Green Tea Smoothies!

The best Green Tea Smoothie in Western Sydney! Hahaha! Only because it's the only one I can find in Western Sydney (besides the city of course!) but there's also Mothers Crepe in George St at the City as well. 

It's soooooo good! I even got my Uni friend into it as well! 

Be back soon!

Love, J. 

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