University Life & NOTD with OPI + Nubar.

So I needed a new change with my nails, I've had OPI Delce De Leche for the pass 4 weeks and it was getting kinda boring. Surprisingly the flaking wasn't real bad. 

Just a little about life and why I haven't been blogging lately...  University has been so intense for me, All i'm gonna say is Programming is a bitch - Who ever made Programming the most complex thing in IT should be shot for it because that crap does my head in so bad! 

Also, I hate being one of the few girls in every tutorial because my course is male dominated - But I've met some lovely guys who I've made friends with so I guess that cool! At times it's a bit intimidating and all because I think the guys doubt you because you're a girl... in a male dominated course. Not saying this to every male dominated course but from experience... the embarrassment of shouting out my answers in my Communications class and everyone correcting you and giving you looks like if you're the most stupidest person in the room as well as my tutor calling me a fail - jokingly...of course?! I think i'm doing just fine... for now. Everything is just head on, bang, studying. I don't know if i'm pushing myself too hard or it's just the fact that this course is entirely new to me and I clearly have no background knowledge whatsoever. I just don't wanna fail *major sigh*. 

But anywho, doing my nails and online shopping is really therapeutic right now. I feel like a sort of shut off from social media lately (facebook and twitter) but anywho, I will never neglect shopping online. I've just bought some things on eBay too. 

Who says Money can't buy you happiness?! They clearly shopped at the wrong places. Shopping is definitely making me happy right now after a gloomy week of studying and intense work from Uni. Working on Saturday and Sunday and having Uni Monday - Friday is a killer. But thank god for the money I earn from working last weekend and loving the fact of being a casual. I got my paycheck today, and it isn't too much but it's enough for me to splurge and treat myself after being a studious student for the past 2 weeks.  I can't wait to go shopping with the boyfriend tomorrow and getting new jeans. My two pairs of jeans have holes in them. URGH. Does anyone have any good suggestion for good jeans? My budget is $150 and a pair of Dr Denims from General Pants Co caught my eye. I tried some Ksubi's, Lee's, Levi's and also some Wranglers but they weren't so appealing to me. Cheap Monday's are out of the picture - I am not a fan of their jeans. 

Anywho, onto the nails! So my new change for today! OPI's Electric Eel. I've had this nail polish for a gazillion years and I've been putting Nubar 2010 Flakie on top of nearly every nail polish i've been wearing ever since I got it last December. You can say I'm a flakie junkie. 

I've never used so much of a Nail Polish until Nubar and the quality is amazing! It's half the price of an OPI retailed and this Nubar Flakie is an awesome top coat. I don't really need to seal it off!

Anywho, I'm trying my best to post as much as a I can and I've just ordered some few things from BeautyBay and eBay (NYX Products) I can't wait to share my thoughts and reviews on them. So be back soon!

Love, J.

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