Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

I'm so glad I got this palette! After so long and waiting 2 weeks for it! I really envy the people who could create so many crazy and beautiful designs with just an eyeshadow palette. I'm still a noob and still practising now! This will open up new doors for me on my 'so-called' quest and experimentation on using Eyeshadow! Personally, I wasn't really into Eyeshadow but my boyfriend's mum bought me the Coastal Scents 88 Palette which was something I've been experimenting and practising with for a little while. 

After asking people on Facebook and Twitter they highly recommended it. I did wanted to get something with a good formula and good colour pay-off with neutral colours I can use on any occasion. After using my mum's Lancome Quads she got from Gift Packs and all - I decided to get myself a high end quality eyeshadow palette that I can use (possibly) everyday but especially for going out and work. 

Overall, after seeing how affordable and how it been sold out everywhere in American Stores & Online - I knew I just had to get my hands on one or else deeply regret not getting it later. 

We all know how popular Urban Decay is so I don't think I will go into much detail as this is probably the most hyped up and talked about product for Early 2012. So i'll link you to Temptalia's Post (here) with swatches and all.

I purchased this from Beautybay.com for roughly $55AUD - I believe on eBay people were selling them for like $85AUD - almost to $99AUD (which was ridiculous, because they were sold out in stores)

I apologise for the various photo qualities because they were taken at different times of the day. 

I love the packaging and compared to the first Naked Palette, this is obviously more sturdier and also durable.

Left to Right are the colours coordinated according to their names above. 

Just a close up of the colours. 

The UD Lip Junkie, Mini Lip Gloss which came with the Palette. 
I absolutely love this! And I've never used any lip plumpers before and this makes my lips look perky and nice! So I likey!

The Good Karma Shadow Brush - Fabulous Brush it is stiff and also great quality. 

Overall, it's an awesome product (No Doubt about that!) - The Colour Payoff is amazing and in comparison to the Lancome Quad's (which roughly the same quality as for a reference)

The eyeshadows itself is smooth and decently pigmented. As for most eyeshadows they will have fallouts.

With or without primer it's still freaking awesome! (Though it is always recommended to use an Eyelid Primer for intense true colour and long lasting colour on the lids) 

I highly recommend this product for anyone who likes Neutral Palettes and wants to step up into some good quality eyeshadows. 

Love, J. 


  1. I have seen so many great reviews on this but have yet to get one myself lol. Thanks for the review!


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