Review: Essence You Rock Eyeshadow Base

So today I went to my local Target store and was browsing around until I saw this new and affordable make-up range called Essence. You can say they're like Australis but way cheaper! From my research, Essence is a European brand. I'm assuming they're all made in Germany, as it says on my eyeshadow primer that I bought today!

I got Essence's You Rock Eyeshadow Base (Primer) for $4.95AUD. Considering us Australians and having a minimal range of make-up brands at prices that are far comparable to the ones in America, This is considered really cheap. I know that the Urban Decay Primer Potion in the US is roughly $20USD, I highly doubt if we were to have Urban Decay here it would cost that much. MAC is highly comparable already for those who know. But enough rambling and onto the review!

Since I've been searching and experimenting with eyeshadow recently, I obviously need a primer to keep the colours in place and also intensify them with a longer lasting power.  I didn't want to splurge on Urban Decay's Primer Potion YET. (As I'm still learning and experimenting) so I wanted to start with something cheap and then work my way up, so this will do for now. 

The first swatch is when it dries out (but i didn't blend it in) - I don't know why I included this in the picture but meh. 

Second swatch is straight from the primer itself. 

Overall, I really like it. It's creamy texture and the ability of drying up fast is great (though apply this, rub it on your eyelids and then you're ready to pack on the colour!) I've already order Elf's Eyelid Primer on Ebay so we'll see if they're the same quality or different. But til then, this is my primer for now! 

I also tried creating this look I learnt from 'From Head to Toe' with my Naked 2 Palette and I achieved it with the help of this primer! I really like this natural eyeshadow look and I love the colours from the Naked2 Palette! 

Anywho, hope this little review is helpful and also great for those newbies starting out with eyeshadow and want to find a good affordable eye primer - this one is widely available and cheap! 

Love, J.

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  1. I love Jen from Frmheadtotoe :D she's awesome.
    I rly wanna try Essence products!


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