Mini City Haul

So I made a longer and in detailed post about my City Haul and somehow as I was uploading my photos from my iPhone onto Blogger (Via the Blogger App) I accidently deleted one of the Posts which took me around an hour to write. Sigh! So anywho, this is trimmed down version of my previous blog (which is now not as detailed but it will do) 

So on Thursday I went to QVB where I had some training for my new promotion at work. I'm so excited for this promotion as I will be working alongside with Nikon and their marketing team on their latest camera, the Nikon 1! It's been ages since I last worked because I'm a Casual and I've been dying to get this promotion because I really wanted to work with them. Also it would be so much better than my other promotions I've done. Especially avoiding the boring ones I did for Foxtel during Christmas. 

But anyways, I'll be promoting and also selling Nikon 1 cameras at Parramatta and Liverpool JB Hifi Stores! So if you're nearby come and say hi! I'll probably be tweeting when/where (if you follow me on twitter) or you can ask me - because I'll be working at JB Hifi for around 4 weeks?

Anywho, before I headed off to my brief/training. I went to QVB and also Westfield Sydney and grabbed some goodies. I won't go into detail but I'll definitely write an review on some products. 

The Body Shop Elderflower Eye Gel - $17.95AUD

From The Body Shop QVB Store

Face Masks and Samples 

From The Face Shop, The Galleries Victoria 

Happy Lab Lollies

From Happy Lab, Westfield Sydney Level 5

Got This Sample in the Mail That Day, Though I'm not a huge fan of Pantene but I'll give it a go! Yay for Freebies!

I hope this wraps up my Mini Haul from the City. I'm a bit devestrated that my long detailed post was deleted! Argh! But i'll be back soon with more interesting (I hope) posts! 

Love, J. 

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