Half Way There!

So last Friday was my half a year anniversary with my boyfriend! We didn't do much and I don't think we actually planned anything extravagant because we're lazy people. Yet I decided to get him a little something since I was at the city the day before for work and popped by some shops earlier.

Some goodies which I got from Happy Lab!

My boyfriend is obsessed with mangoes and if you can imagine, it's his favourite fruit. When i made my second trip to the city on Friday Morning, I grabbed more Jellybeans for the boyfriend (not pictured) because I felt that it wasn't enough LOL. I also had to go sell my textbooks at the city that day and I'm glad I got rid of my annoying Business textbooks from 1st year because they we're so useless and I managed to get a decent return on selling them - So hurray! 

I didn't like going to the city two days in a row but my textbooks won't get rid of themselves! When at Happy Lab, I got some goodies for my sister.

So later that day, in the evening. Lorenzo & I headed out to Dinner at ThaiNamic for some local Thai/Lao's hospitality. At the restaurant saw some familiar faces who work at ThaiNamic and also served us. Hahaha! Thanks Bui & Tony for serving us! As well as occasionally seeing Andrew serving out the drinks!


Thai Milk Tea - I freaking love this!

Thai Sausages

 Pad See Ew with Beef (Stir Fried Rice Noodles with Beef)
Chicken Pad Thai 

ThaiNamic's Chocolate Fondant with Vanilla Ice Cream 

The Ice Cream was soooo nice! I think they made this Ice Cream from Scratch or probably bought a really high quality one because it didn't taste so milky and gluggy like supermarket bought Vanilla. So i really enjoyed it! 

Love, J.

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  1. Congratulations and seemed like you still had an extravagant day.


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