What a girl wants and probably want she needs!

Hi there! Soooooo i wanted to post all the things that i want to try and also buy! But for starters, for those who asked me about my Tarte Mascara; i found out about it from many MUA's (Make Up Artists) on youtube and especially my favourite - Andrea's Choice

After watching this video, like a while ago (probably before Christmas) a few things she used from her My Glam Bag (if you don't know what it is click on the link) i wanted to grab myself! She mentions Tarte's Lights Camera Lashes! Mascara and i actually purchased and received it and love it! Also, the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream which i've been eyeing on lately! Still deciding if it's worth getting and also if i'm actually going to use it! I always impluse on lip balms, lipsticks and glosses... 

Anywho! I'm going to show you my wishlist and possibly what i'll probably might end up buying! Since i haven't had work in a while due to Christmas/Public Holidays and the fact that my job is casual it really sucks because i don't get sufficient money all the time :( I'm down  First of all, i need:

  • Eyeshadow Palette (I do not own one myself and would like to experiment and try it out)
  • Bronzer (Just to try out and see how it is - and probably end up using one)
  • Blush (Because i need SOME colour on my face)
  • Lipstick (I'm not really a lipstick person but recently i just want to get one so i can have a wearable colour for going out and all)
  • Make Up Brushes (Yes i've recently got some and if they do die out i'll definitely get these Sigma ones i've been lusting about)

Soooooo, on my current wishlist... 

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - $4~6USD

Not in this colour but, in Antwerp or Sao Paulo 
Antwerp / Sao Paulo

This can double up as a lipstick and also something i can use all the time but also i've been eyeing... 

MAC 'Angel' Frost Lipstick - $36AUD

It is Kim K's favourite (saw this online as well as my bf's mum telling me about it too, she even owns 'Angel' hehehe) - I'm not sure if thats the actual Angel swatch because i just googled it and chose the most good looking MAC lipstick picture LOL. 

I haven't seen/tried the colour in real life but i've seen swatches online so next time i'm passing the MAC Store at Parramatta i'm going to find it! I hope i'll like it because i'm loving the current Lancome one i have 

Lancome L'Absolu Rouge in Rose Nu - $52AUD

My mum keeps stealing it from me... technically it's hers... even though she bought it for me...but its normal she sometimes takes my clothes too... urgh. But i wouldn't mind getting it in another colour... been trying to find one and not really satisfied so, i'll probably find a peachy one or something! 

Naked2 Palette from Urban Decay - $50USD (from UD Website)

I've recently just got into eyeshadow cause i'm not an eyeshadow person but i do like neutral colours and recently i've learnt how to apply eyeshadow and blend and do all the shading... but i'm still a bit of a noob. My bf's mum bought this for herself and she knew all about it after i told her. I'm so jealous she's going to get it!!!!!! (Well it's currently being sent from America, so bloody jelly!) If i can master it and also be able to create looks and master using eyeshadow this will definitely be a must! I would like to use this as an everyday palette but at the moment it's just eyeliner, mascara, foundation & lip gloss for me! (Oh and some blush... sometimes!)

As for Blush and I'm still clueless, i currently use my mum's blush which she gave to me... she got a sample size of it since she is always buying Lancome products. It's a decent blush and she doesn't use it because she isn't a fan of the colour so i use it from time to time as i don't own any blushes myself at the moment. I really want to get myself a peachy pink or something for work / everyday?! 

Lancome Brush Subtil in Brun Roche (08) - $72AUD

As for Bronzer... any suggestions? I have NEVER EVER used Bronzer and i don't want to spend too much. Any ideas? Please comment and let me know! I'm eyeing...

Australis Bronzing Powder - $11.95AUD at Priceline

For brushes, enough said. I really want these Sigma Brushes because the case is so pretty and it's in this aqua blue colour which is my FAVOURITE COLOUR.

Sigma 'Make Me Cool' 12 Brush Kit - $109USD

I heard they're just as good as MAC and when my brushes start falling apart and all or whatever and i have some money to throw around on cosmetics and all, i will purchase these babies. Though i don't know if i want the travel size since it is smaller and it is only $59USD but i really like the full size brushes. 

That should be it for now, any suggestions for a good blush colour, brand & also price as well as bronzer!!!! Please let me know and i'll be back soon! 

Love, J. 

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