Illuminating Pearls!

I've been eyeing this for sometime and so verrrrrry keen to try it! I told Lorenzo to get it for me. He replied to me with Don't you already have enough cosmetics? Um, not enough?! LOL anywho! I really want to try it first before i get my hands on it and i went down to my local Priceline store and there was no samples or whatever to try! So i was really disappointed because i was willing to get it!

Face of Australia 'Mineral Therapy Illuminating Pearls' - $14.95AUD

I really want something that will make my face glow and just illuminate? Hahaha! But i do feel like blush does not draw a lot of colour it's just pink sitting on my cheeks. I want like a non dull looking face! LOL 
Cause foundation to me just looks plain dull if you understand me. So i read about this and i was told to get Guerlain Meteorites Pearls which was $65... Yeah, i haven't had work lately and seriously living off whatever is left in my bank account (let me remind it's under $100) so no way!

Guerlain Meteorites Pearls Illuminating Powder - $65AUD

It's pretty but also, if anything that is in a smaller price tag and does the same job it is definitely a win for me! Anywho have any opinions on the FOA Illuminating Pearls one? I'm soooo very keen on getting it! 

Love, J. 


  1. I have this product ^_^ It gives like.. an extremely natural sheen. Very subtle so yap! Maybe you could just use a lighter concealer or lighter powder to highlight? OR!! A pearly white eyeshadow if you are kinda broke :( I know what you mean gal...

    Lorenzo needs to understand that there's never enough make-up for one. LOL!

    1. Ooooo just saw your comment now! Hmmm i really want it cause of the pearly beads!!! I don't know if i should go out and buy it for $15!!!


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