DIY: Brush Cleaner

So i thought since everybody is raving about on how they clean their brushes and what they use. I'll join the gang, but also i will show you what I use - which is bit of a differ to the ones you see on youtube and what other people may use.

I'm not some kind of genius in making any brush cleanser but this is what i use and do and it works well! My brushes come out really nice and clean and nothing bad has happened to my brushes so far and i thought i would share this!

I know many people use Olive Oil and also Vinegar?! To be honest, i wouldn't wanna be using those type of ingredients to put on my face even though they might have some great benefits but no!

Anywho i was super bored and been thinking about posting this for a while, and here i complied all the images of what i use to make my brush cleaner! 

What you need to make your brush cleaner solution!
  • Antibacterial Dishwashing Detergent
  • Make Up Remover (I use this Garnier Clean Sensitive) - any will do as long as it works for you
  • Witch Hazel - Locally found at your supermarket
  • Some water! 
  • A Spray Bottle or Any container you would like to put the product in!
I use a 50ml spray bottle and it does run out fast so i suggest using a spray bottle because it will distribute the formula more. 

To make a 50ml formula - multiply this by how many mls depending on your bottle.

These measurements are by my estimations but i do suggest small amounts of dishwashing detergent as opposed to make up remover. 

Eg. Small amounts of Dishwashing Liquid, Decent amount of Witch Hazel and Make Up Remover and Small amount of water. 

  1. I add probably roughly 1 & a half teaspoons of antibacterial dishwashing detergent
  2. Add 2-3 tablespoons of make up remover of your choice
  3. Then add 1-1 and a half tablespoons of Witch Hazel 
  4. Whatever is remaining fill with water (optional)

Combine in the bottle and you're ready!

  • Witch Hazel helps in cleansing the brushes as well keeping them clean and kill any other bateria that may be left on the brush due to the % of alcohol is in Witch Hazel. 
  • Antibacterial Dishwashing Liquid will kill all the germs and bacteria that maybe left on the brush. 
  • Make Up Remover - Pretty much helps aid the removal as well as keeping the bristles on the brush nice and smooth. 
  • And water! To just thin out the mixture.

Let me know about your thoughts and also anything questions you may have!

Love, J

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