Coastal Scents 88 Original Palette Review

So I'm going to make this quick, i just got home from dinner and i thought i'd make a quick review on this palette! I haven't gone through all the colours but i'm currently just playing around with them! 

This was a surprise present from my boyfriend's mum, who also purchased a palette from there (Warm 88 Palette) and she got this for me as an extra! Very nice of her :$ I told her about Coastal Scents and she spent like $370 on MAC's refillable pro eyeshadow palette (with the 15 slots). I told her about this, as this was a cheaper alternative and she decided to get this and try it out. I got my CS Palette today from my boyfriend who gave it to me before heading out to dinner tonight. I was excited but i didn't open it until i got home! 

Anywho here are some pictures I quickly took and uploaded from my DSLR. I couldn't be bothered taking front shots of the lid and all as it's pretty basic and you could probably check it out on the net. Nothing special really, but the colours are just wonderful. 

I tried some colours and as you can see they're a bit dark due to the fact that i used black eyeshadow first and i just spot cleaned my eyeshadow brush.  I used my face primer as i did not have any eyeshadow primer but it's almost as close as the same effect i suppose. 

I read online that these work better when wet and i'm assuming by wet i mean using a primer or water. It's true, the pigments are very light compared to when it applied with some cream or liquid. 

Left (with Primer), Right (without Primer)

I don't know what to do with these colours, i'm not a huge eyeshadow fan but i do believe i can use some of the pigments like the brown as contour colours or even so like a bronzer (don't judge me LOL), for the pinks i'm pretty sure i could use them as a blush. Don't find it weird but people do use eyeshadow and vaseline to create lip balms with colour or even so cream eyeshadow. But i'll definitely use the neutral colours for eyeshadow. It was a very nice gift from my boyfriend's mum to get this for me and told her that i wouldn't know what to do with it - but i'm happy i have something i can add to my make up collection and also something to experiment and create looks with.

Overall, my thoughts on this product: It's pretty mediocre considering it is around $18.95USD for the palette and another ($15? Not sure ~ for shipping) I say it's great for beginners like me and also it has a huge array of colours.

I can definitely see other uses for it like i mentioned, cause of the range of colours. Tbh, i really like my Lancome Eyeshadow Quad - The pigmentation on it is very creamy yet it's in powder form. I don't know how to describe it. Though Coastal Scents is probably won't way up to my Lancome Quad (which i got in a gift set for free - but it's a pretty decent eyeshadow palette)

Let me know what you think about it and if you have any questions about it comment below! I read every comment and appreciate if you leave one :)


  1. The shipping on coastal scents is really pricey!
    I tried to get this kind of multiple color palettes on ebay, but the quality was too bad i just threw it straight to the bin.
    I guess i may get one from coastal scents/bh eventually

    1. I'm not 100% sure on the delivery cause my bf's mum got it for me :) I think she said it was around $26-$30 for 2 palettes? And i would say this would be better than the ebay one. But settling for CS or BH it's probably best! Good Luck! :)


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