MIA & Good Company

Sooooo, I've been MIAing since Stereosonic. Seriously nothing that special... besides work and bumming at home watching my TV Shows and eating unnecessarily. I managed to finish 3 seasons of Community and finishing off Season 6 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Anywho today had Yum Cha with Anna, Kim, Jeremy, Harry, Lorenzo, John & Tom. First off was Fortune8. I forgot to take photos then when i realised it was too late cause i was full and all the food was all gone. No point. That place is cheap and also its nice & fresh. Will definitely go back there! But we all ordered all the typical yumcha food you'd find; Prawn Dumplings, Seafood Roll, Prawn Noodle Roll etc.

After that, we walked around Cabra and was awaiting for Daniel to show up while we bought some of us bought the Corn Ice Cream from this asian grocer.
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It taste really nice actually! Anna & Kim got those, along with a Fish Shaped with Redbean Maxibon LOL (Does not contain Fish)

After bumming around and waiting for Daniel we decided it was too long to wait for him cause of the horrible parking at Cabramatta, so we headed to the V Lounge at Canley Heights where we all met up with Daniel. It was my first time there since i seriously did not know where the hell it was until i was told it was right under Fitness First.

Honestly, i think their prices are quite expensive but taking into consideration it's a good dessert place with good quality Gelato and a variety of Pizza, Pasta & other Vietnamese cuisine. It has a good atmosphere with the nice furniture i suppose. Hahaha

My Green Tea Gelato - $3.50

Lorenzo & His Iced Chocolate - I think this was $8, if not it was $5. :S

Jeremy's Steak Sandwich. Apparently it was really nice! WELL IT LOOKS NICE TOO.

I think this was $12... I think!

After that, Jeremy, Kim & Daniel left and we all headed to Mounties to play Table Tennis. Usually we go there for Snooker but for some reason we went Table Tennis instead. I was versing Tom and Harry at times and most of us all broke sweat. It was probably a good workout after having gelato earlier from the V Lounge.

Pretty gay guys...

After that i came home to my MAC Studio Fix! *Cross this off my Christmas List! I finally got it!!!!! I know i already have a compact but i just want my whole cosmetic set to be all MAC. This is a cute compact that i can carry around to work and all on the rush or a touch up so yeah! :D

Tomorrow i have a promotion to do at Penrith and gift wrapping for Foxtel. Joy, travelling to Penrith and also gift wrapping presents for shoppers FOR FREE (so imagine all the people coming up to get their gifts wrapped) as well as being there for 4 hours. Okay. FUN.

Also i thought it would be fun to go into this entry (and it would be cool if i won) so just for fun i entered this competition. It's this blog i read from time to time. Tezza's blog - along with my entry for her giveaway! If you would like to enter, Join @teemeister's End Of Year Giveaway - http://www.myteeefine.com/2011/12/end-of-year-giveaway-open.html :)

Love, J.

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