An array of events!

Hey there! Soooooooo where have i been?! Merry Christmas! I know it's ad tad late but i've been HEAPS busy with family, work - being awfully tired and drained from so many hours (which i recently quit - i'll get to that) and also celebrating my anniversary with Lorenzo :)

So where do i begin this time? Let me remind you, this is PHOTO HEAVY

Soooooooo, last Tuesday i went to DFO with Lorenzo and we manage to buy some clothes for him... okay more like shirts and for me, i got some new CK underwear. (I made Lorenzo wait outside CK Underwear for half an hour... I think LOL - sorry!)

Before heading in, we headed to G Star Raw - which had a sale and i could NEVER find any good G Star Raw shirts for girls nor any good skinny jeans, there's always better looking guys clothes there and we managed to get there shirts up to 80% off. Which was awesome! But i came out of G Star Raw with nothing. 

I chose these shirts with Lorenzo and he happily agreed with me so we bought these for him :)

I think they were $25 each or something, i know they were both under $50! Bargain :D

After shopping at DFO for probably 2 hours i think? 

We went to Parra to get presents for his parents as well get my Dior Mascara AND our long awaiting Frozen Yoghurt at Yogolicious :) 

I got a small with 2 toppings - Rainbow Jelly & White Tim Tams with Plain Yoghurt for $4.50 (Mines on the Left)

Lorenzo got a large with Mango Yoghurt (Since he loves Mangos) with 3 toppings - Rainbow Jelly, Honeycomb and White Tim Tams as well?!  and that was $5.50? (His one's on the right)

It was better than GEMS, which was my first experience on Frozen Yoghurt LOL :F

Fast forwarding to the next few days after Tuesday...

Kicking off was training for my new job. I had my second round interview on Wednesday, Officially got the job on Thursday and started working on Friday.

Overall, i wanted a new experience and also better pay. But this job was not worth it and therefore - I quit. (Yes call me a quitter but i quit for a very good reason)
  1. Pay was based on Commission (25% on the sales you make - I only made like 3) 
  2. Working for this Marketing Agency meant being one of those annoying people at shopping centres who forces you to buy their product 
  3. I have to wake up at 5am get to North Parramatta by 7.15am - grab my merchandise and then get told where i am working and the hours are not even flexible - so misleading. Basically, when i got there i find out where i was working (which was Stocklands Wetherill) and then i don't get told i work there for how long. They wanted me to work from 9am - 9.30pm that day. UM YEAH NOT HAPPENING. I'm not even getting an hourly rate. 
  4. When you pick up the merchandise you have to return it back to the office so imagine going back to North Parramatta at 9.30 at night and returning it... Um yeah... 
  5. My first day i wanted to leave at 3pm. Considering how they said it was 'flexible hours' i call up the manager and he was like not happy. Yeah whatever, don't give a shit - if one of my family members were in hospital and it was an emergency you wouldn't let me go? Fuck off. 
Overall there was much more worse things about this - and i'm not going to get into that.

But the highlight of those days was having lunch everyday at Cafe Lipari, it's a cute Italian Cafe which had the most delicious salad i have ever eaten in my whole life. I'm not kidding.

I know it may not look that appealing but oh my god it was delicious as!

Cashew Chicken Salad with Tabouli on the side - $14 at Cafe Lipari North Parramatta. 
I must say, the Italian's know how to make their salad! :)

Anywho, moving on! Up until Christmas Eve, I managed to get a day off and thats when i decided that i wanted to quit this labour intensive, shitty paid job. To make the day a bit more brighter and better - Lorenzo & I spent the afternoon together as it was our anniversary! Hehehe time goes by really fast and it's almost been half a year! Definitely a good pick me up from the stressful job i recently quit as well as enjoying Christmas with the family and friends. :)

Anywho! I got my Xmas present that day as well as i was not going to see Lorenzo on Christmas Day. THIS IS WHAT I GOT!!!!!!!!


Excuse my asian bedsheets LOL 
(And talking about Holy Grail things, i think i should made a post of my holy grail things!)

So in love with it - Lorenzo would know, cause i play with it like every 5 minutes!
Thanks Lorenzo!!! 

I already knew i was getting it (refer to last Tuesday - mentioned earlier!) but the excitement of waiting for it was all goooooood! Also that day, i got a $50 Myer Gift Card from his mummy, so thanks for that :) And gave out presents to his mummy and mine :) 

Moving on.... as for Christmas Day! My mum and I made this breakfast LOL - and considering we're the only ones at home for Christmas this is probably i suppose... our 'feast' :P

After that we spent mostly the whole afternoon & evening at my cousins and had heaps of Viet food and ate heaps of chocolate :$

These were pretty mediocre :D 

Later that night, Lorenzo & I along with the boys & girls (John, David, Kevin, Phong, Terry, Jason, Tom, Danny) and (Loma, Cathy, John's little sisters, Jason's little sister) + anyone else i forgotten, there was like 4 cars and each car was filled so yeah... we went to see Xmas Lights! 

Basically cruising around West Hoxton and also Cecil Hills and then Chipping Norton but there was many, i just took two pictures LOL. After that we resulted to a KK's but it was closed, then to a Kebab (at Orange Grove) but then finally deciding to go to Bonny Maccas for a late night kebab. Hanged out talked, and went home at around 1.30am. That was my Christmas Day!

Boxing Day was just... a dinner with my cousins at Cabra Vale 

Their steak was soooooo nice and less greasier than Cooks Hill but their portions are a bit smaller!

Those Nachos we're sooooooooo yum. 

And now i'm back home from DFO and just got MORE new CK Underwear and all and i'm so happy along with Lana's birthday present, can't wait to hand it to her!
Hope ya'll had an awesome christmas and also have a happy new year! Be back soon!!!!  

Love, J. 


  1. aw sorry to hear about the shitty job LOL
    but glad you're all smiles now hey? dont need a crap job to weigh you down :)

    i want nachos now!!!

  2. Definitely!! Those nachos are sooooo nice! They were only $10 and you get heaps! :D


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