Splurging with minimal effort.

So i just finished my shift at Foxtel today at Liverpool. I woke up pretty late - like around 11.30am and work was at 4.30pm so it was all gooooood. Went to Big W at Bonny to buy a White Tee for work and found out that I DIDN'T have to buy one since my client provides one for me. Zzzz but yeah! Omg i hate doing promotions that customers aren't really enthusiastic in cause it really makes me feel shitty and i just want to laze around.. Nevertheless my manager gave me a free t-shirt and also a keyring to take home! Saw some familiar faces as well, like Teresa and Kristy :) Lovely for you guys to come up and say hi :) Also, i'll be also be working on Saturday at the Foxtel Kiosk in front of Big W so you can come and win a prize from this Foxtel Treasure Chest promotion which i'm doing LOL.

Anywho, i just finished probably splurging on Cherry Culture. After days of surfing Ebay and other cosmetics websites... and also.. after promising myself that i would save some money for items i wish to buy at Ikea next week when Lorenzo takes me there. At the beginning of the week i probably had like $318 now i'm down to less than $200 (after this Cherry Culture purchase) I should get paid this following Wednesday and Friday from both my last shifts from Toys R Us as well as from MEA for my marketing promotions. I love getting paid heaps for doing promotions and it's minimal effort. I basically love this job! Hehehe anywho....

After receiving a tweet from Alice about NYX being 40% i just had to grab myself some NYX products. WHICH I DID! I have to wait approx. 7-14 days to get it. So yeaaaaah. But i grabbed myself...

Note: These are not the actual colours of the products i purchased, these are the images i've taken from the website.
NYX Blush in Peach - $6USD

NYX Round Lipstick in Fig - $4USD

NYX Slim Line Eyeliner in White Pearl - $4USD

With NYX products i purchased from Cherry Culture, i got 40% as well! Obtained by Alice (sooooo thank you Alice! I saved some $$!) Shipping is a tad pricey. It was i think $6 (and this is measured by the number of items you purchase) I've used NYX Eyeliner before & I LOVE IT. I bought this White Pearl one at the Markets at Chinatown for $4 and i've used heaps of it and i will continue to buy this eyeliner :) I use it for my waterline and also my inner corners when i go out or sometimes when i head to work - it's just versatile!

Anywho, i've been using this De Lorenzo Rejuven8 The Ends Hair Cream and i always buy it at Paris Hairdressing at Liverpool Westfields for $11.95 (everywhere else is like $16.95) It's perfect for those who straighten their hair HEAPS (like i do) and would like something to protect the ends as well as keep it soft and silky and in place. :)

I'm pretty tired and will keep you updated fellow followers! Thanks to those who have followed/visited my blog! Hehehe i feel loved!

Love, J.

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