Thainamic + Gems Frozen Yoghurt.

Soooo back from Thainamic & Gems Frozen Yoghurt at Canley Vale with Anna, John, Lorenzo & Harry. I am stuffed and surprisingly i didn't eat much... But still stuffed! I ordered some Thainamic Sausage Salad with Sticky Rice which i didn't like and will not order again. I manage to scab some Beef Padthai off Lorenzo since we both agreed to order something different so we can share. Anna, John & Harry ordered Chicken Pad See Ew (Flat Rice Noodles) and we ordered 3 Thai Milk Teas as well.

Anywho, I didn't really take an image of all the food we ordered cause i was too busy getting ready to stuff my face with it but here's some pictures i managed to take. Not to mention, Lorenzo & I photobombed Anna's iphone with random luvos of ourselves. LOL and Lorenzo set many reminders on Anna's phone cause he was having heaps of fun playing with Siri.

That is sticky rice.. my leftover sticky rice.. we all laughed at how he ate it like an Ice cream...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i should've ordered Pad Thai :(

Just waiting.
Harry & Anna's Chicken Pad See Ew
Green Tea & Strawberry with various toppings at Gems. :)

I should've taken more photos but seriously couldn't be bothered. Lorenzo and I got our frozen yoghurts. I think he got Chocolate & Vanilla and both of ours weighed 600gs so we ended up paying around $17.40? It was.

I'm sooooooo stuffed! Til next time! Toodles!

Love, J.

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