Just a few of my favourite things.

Hey there once again! just presenting to you - well my three of my favourite things... and more of the things i can't live without. (Including my Iphone)

My Dr Dre Beats Solo HD's in White - $300AUD

I love them because the clarity of the music and the sounds are unbelievably awesome. It beats those shitty Apple Earphones that i get with any apple product and probably shit's on any other earphones on the market (my opinion). Only thing i hate about them is that they're a bit bulky and they hug my ears a bit... (If you get what i mean). I got these on special (don't ask me where, they're not on special anymore unfortunately)

My Nikon 'Cookie' D5000 with a Nikon Speedlight SB-22 (Which my dad had from many years ago & passed it down to me)

I was asking my parents to get me a new camera and i also wanted a DSLR, only for fun .. and obvious to take pretty pictures. I've had this camera since June 2010, so it's been a bit over a year having it. I bought it on Ebay for $750 with delivery. It came within 4 days and i thank my dad for forking out his money to get me this which i wanted for a year.

The best thing about owning a DSLR is that it produces pretty photos and It has helped me a lot with my IT assignments at Uni and also develop up photos for my portfolio which i got a HD in! (I was so proud of myself!) The downside to it is that, you gotta know your settings if you want to produce a really nice photo eg. you can't just put any setting and hope that the image will come out the way you want it to be...

It's a bit bulky on the hands (heavy, especially with the speedlight on top) Battery Life, is pretty decent - if you're a pro photographer and probably constantly taking photos all the time then it's best to get a battery pack. If not this battery sets to last for around 10 hours? (Minimal). Probably a decent 4 to 5 hours if you're at a party CONSTANTLY taking shots. (Shots... haha see what i did there? LOL.. jokes) and yeah! Moving on!

So previously i've mentioned MAC's Face & Body Foundation which i purchased from America. To recall, it's this one.
Why do i love it so much? It's a water based foundation (i think it was, last time i checked) It just sits on my face really lightly and also i got a bit too excited by getting the 120ML but seeing that that was the only size, this will last me FOREVER and i have a 50ml Maybelline one which i've been using for nearly 2 years, so if this is 120ML's probably another 5 years... or so. LOL...

Benefits? Not really sure, i suppose it's not heavy like other foundations. IT'S REALLY LIGHT and very blend-able. I use this below my Studio Fix, So i probably squeeze out like a tad on the back of my hand and use my MAC #187 Stippling brush to apply it and if coverage seems a bit to iffy i would probably use a TINY bit of Studio Fix to correct it. I don't believe in caking on foundation or packing it on. I love light applications and to set it, i'd use some Australis Pressed Powder. (I was considering getting MAC's Studio Fix Powder - but i'm broke and this would do for now)

Downsides? Nothing... so far?!

More to come. I'm just trying to slow down my post & give enough space so i can have things to blog about!

Love, J!

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