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Sooooo, i just bought this Macadamia Oil Shampoo. Why? Well after using it at my boyfriend's house it provided soft and silky hair (which i really need). Lately, I've been browsing around stores locally, looking for a hair treatment and heat protectant. Only because i do i lot of straightening and probably some occasional styling.

I present to you, this beautiful Macadamia Oil Shampoo which i just ordered with a shampoo & conditioner for roughly $48. And i have NEVER EVER spent so much on Shampoo & Conditioner but i had to buy this cause my hair is like dry... and brittle too.

I can't wait to use it and ditch my cheap Garnier one which i use to control dandruff and all. Even though it is a shampoo which only costs less than $5. It actually feels refreshing! Anywho, moving on to other products i've bought recently!

So it's been probably a week or so since i've FINALLY bought myself some MAC cosmetics. I fell in love with MAC Cosmetics when i was trying them on at the MAC Counter at the city. I kid you not, they're pretty pricey but if they provide absolute coverage and also a perfect complexion - why not? I'm so use to using Maybelline (it's affordable and pretty mediocre to use) but anything high ended and pricey will most likely give a better result (from my point of view)

I've purchased these MAC Foundations from America so i got them slightly cheaper than what they are priced here. Only because i have my cousin who lives in Texas there who is a Make Up Artist and also uses a lot of MAC products.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NC25 - $49AUD

MAC Face & Body Foundation in N2 - $60AUD

Also bought myself this Prep + Prime Highlighter but apparently it's discountinued.. Apparently you can only find it in America? But yeah i got myself this.. I couldn't find it on the Australian MAC Website so yeah.

MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter in Radiant Rose - $23USD

Okay, moving onto other products i've recently bought as well! Australis is probably my next Maybelline and by that, i mean next drug/department store brand thing i would buy!

Pros & Cons of Australis Cosmetics

  • Cheap & Affordable
  • Quality is pretty decent
  • Oil & Fragrance Free
  • Some are made in Australia
  • Against Animal Testing
  • Does what it says on it's packaging
  • Packaging is pretty decent
  • Provides a lot of coverage (Powder Foundation)

  • Not all their products are made in Australia (which may hinder the standards and quality of the makeup) eg. My Fresh & Flawless Pressed Powder is made in Thailand (not that i have any MAJOR issues with it but one make up artist told me, that some countries may mix other chemicals which may damage your skin in the long run)
  • Nothing else i can really think of!

Just to show how much of an Australis fan i am, I own the following products from them...

Make Up Finishing Spritz - Roughly $12?

Sets up make up all day! (I shall do a review on this soon)

Ready Set Go Translucent Powder - $11?

Fresh & Flawless Pressed Powder in Deep Natural - $12

My Recent Buy! This is not the colour though.

Colour Inject Mineral Lipstick in Mambo - $12.95
(It's a nudey brownish colour - perfect for everyday wear i suppose?)

Powder Cream Foundation in Discreetly Beige - $12?

I bought this to wear when i go to Uni, it's compact but it gets heaps messy!
Also, it's like cakey cream formula so... i think i'll stick do the pressed powder.
I've used probably nearly half of it, but it's great for special occasions for those who need maximum coverage!

I'm currently lusting over Sigma brushes which i found on Larisa's blog, I've seen them ages ago before from Beauty Bloggers and Youtubers but they're heaps expensive but if they're worth it i will definitely buy them! I have some MAC Brushes myself but they're... cheap ones from Ebay.. and they're fake i suppose. LOL

That's enough for this photo heavy post, more to come on more cosmetics & other things that interest me most! I shall do a review as well!

Love, J.

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